Just diagnosed

If you have been told you have cancer, or someone you know has, you may be uncertain about what it all means and a bit scared. Finding out a bit more about it can really help.

Talking about things that are on your mind with a trusted friend or adult can be really useful. It can help you feel like you’re not struggling with something on your own, and other people can often provide help or a new perspective that gives you support. This is as true about cancer as it is about other things.

Hearing from young people who have been affected by cancer can be a good way to better understand what it really means, and can also be a source of reassurance and support if you are going through a similar experience yourself.

What to expect

Cancer affects everyone in a different way, here we look at some of the questions that might be going through your mind.More about Call this something else

Family Support Network

Family Support Networks have been developed to provide support throughout the cancer journey. They focus on the needs of the whole family – if loved ones are supported the young person in turn will be supported.