Clays 3 Peak Challenge Team

  • Name: Andy Davies
  • Location: Lowestoft
  • Fundraising target: £35,000
  • Page closes: 30 December 2014
  • Online donations: £26,844.42
  • Offline donations: £1,395.00
  • Reclaimed Gift Aid: £2,914.38
  • Current total: £31,153.80

On Sept 15th we plan to ride from Wales to Lowestoft commonly known as The Coast 2 Coast. 408 miles unsupported camping each night. In doing so we hope to add to the already incredible total and help those suffering from this horrible disease.


In Feb 2010 my middle son Rory was diagnosed with spine and brain cancer. Our beautiful boy passed away peacefully Saturday 12th March 2011 with his family by his side. He is now free of his battered body and spreading love and happiness elsewhere. We could not be prouder of him and we will carry him in our hearts forever. We thank you all for your support and good wishes. We have only been able to enjoy another year with Rory thanks to the expertise of the doctors and nurses at Addenbrooke’s and of course Rory's grit and determination he has shown throughout. Personally I wish to continue to give something back and to help others like Rory, this year it will be completing the Coast to Coast cycle challenge and continuing to add to the already fantastic amount raised through your generosity ....Thank you

Event blog


Not really about the challenge but a little insight into Rory's courage form Jon Denny Rorys martial arts instructor

KSN Rory Davies - an amazing boy with an amazing story

What an amazing young man KSN Rory Davies is. This is a picture of Rory with us at the Kuk Sool Won Extravaganza last July during his fight with cancer. Rory has many tumours in his brain and spine and has endured more operations than most people go through in a lifetime.

Last month it was announced that he had won his fight against the deadly disease and we all celebrated his hard work and endurance. A feat which must have been harder than reaching his 2nd degree black belt.

Things most people don't realise is the long periods of solitude while treatment is underway that Rory can't be with his loved ones and friends. We all offered him the support he needed, but without physically being able to see him must have been hard on Rory.

Having taught Rory at Kuk Sool since he was 5 years old I have to say that a true highlight for me was seeing Rory get his 2nd degree black belt at the Kings Lynn European Championships in June 2010. He was still very ill and in a wheelchair. His dad Andy was pushing him towards our Grand Master Kuk Sa Nim In Huyh Suh, Rory asked his dad to stop. And despite being ill, despite the journey to Kings Lynn almost wiping out his energy alone, he got up out of the wheelchair and walked on his own two feet to get his certificate. This was all in front of a crowd of 2000 people. Some kuk sool students, some members of the public. All of whom took to their feet to give Rory a standing ovation at his struggle against cancer and a special speech made my Master Alex was very touching to round off this truly monumental moment. And what proof that Rory has an outstanding spirit and fighting his best against this disease.

For as long as I live I shall cherish that moment and be proud to have been one of Rory's instructors.
If you were there at the promotion ceremony that night - you know exactly what I mean, it was a truly emotional, but inspiring moment.

Last month, Rory came to our Kuk Sool class to tell us he is doing well and on the mend. His family, friends and supporters from all over were thrilled and inspired by this young mans determination.

It brings me to tears to inform you all that yesterday Rory has been re-admitted to Addenbrooks Hospital where they have informed him that the cancer has returned and that there is nothing more they can do for him.

How do you cope with such news? Because I for one am finding it extremely difficult. I can't imagine what Rory is feeling, nor can I imagine how his family and loved ones are coping. This is truly unfair and not deserving of such a miraculous person. How do you plan your own funeral when you're only in your mid-teens?

Rory - we are all with you, your Facebook page is full of well-wishers and positive messages for you to get well. If you pull through this - now that would be a miracle. Lets show them what true martial arts spirit is all about and fight this blasted thing!

We are with you every step of the way.


(if you have any personal messages for Rory please leave your comments here and I will forward them to his facebook - or you can write directly on his facebook wall - look for Rory Davies)
Posted by SBN Jon
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Who's made a donation?

Name Amount Date Comment
Anonymous £60.00 20/08/13

Neil Dewing £30.00 19/10/12

Andy, great doing the cost 2 cost. I will have to better organised and ride with you next year, as you came within a few miles of me. I await to see what your next challenge will be. Great Charity, Good Luck Neil

Angela Broom £30.00 25/09/12

More donations from Aquaterra Energy - thank you so much Vicki and Kevin.

Simon Howe £20.00 25/09/12

Well done Andy and Ange

Amanda Bradfield £20.00 25/09/12

Steve Broom £50.00 23/09/12

Great effort, well done.

Sue Berry £20.00 22/09/12

Well done Andy and Angie! hope you aren't to saddle sore!

Steve Nellis £10.00 20/09/12

From your cycling "route guide" over Whiston Hill in to Grendon Lakes on the evening of Weds 19 Sept. Hope you got some hot food and a good nights sleep - ready for the next leg to Ely. Good Luck with the rest of your venture.

David Rowson £50.00 20/09/12

Well done and good luck!!

Robert Biggs £50.00 19/09/12

Good Luck, wish you well.

Tanya Dunbar £20.00 18/09/12

Good luck Andy.

Jason Brighton £25.00 18/09/12

Angela, although my memory is a bit fuzzy due to alcohol ...... I'm sure I promised to sponsor you. I can't remember the exact amount so hope this is good enough !! Best of luck. Jason.

eric doyle £50.00 17/09/12

An outstanding effort for a great cause - very well done!

KAte McFarlan £50.00 16/09/12

Chris Tipping £40.00 14/09/12

Wow! Thinking of you Angie & Andy on this challenge. Happy pedalling. You go girl! Love Chris xxx

Andy Broom £20.00 14/09/12

All the best you two - from Andy and Mark Wymondham Countrysiders

Vicky Ellis £20.00 14/09/12

Good luck to you both. Sorry we're not all doing it with you. Next year.....

Michael Fagg £25.00 14/09/12

Good luck

Glenn Holmes £50.00 14/09/12

Good Luck Keep pedalling

John Rainbow £20.00 14/09/12

Good luck. I hope the hills aren't too steep.

Richard Miller £50.00 14/09/12

Our very best wishes and take care!

Leon Longhurst £10.00 14/09/12

Alison Taylor £20.00 13/09/12

Hugh effort for a fantastic cause. Well done and good luck!

Karen Gorbutt £10.00 13/09/12

Good luck Angie &Andy! Love from the Gorbies xx

Elaine Davies £100.00 13/09/12

Good Luck, I know you'll do it. Be safe though. Love from Mum & Dad xx

Gemma Cox £10.00 12/09/12

Good luck Angie and Andy! I hope you have a fantastic time on the challenge and don't forget that wine cures all aches and pains! Love Gem x

David Lacey £20.00 10/09/12

This is going to be very challenging! A very worthy cause. Credit to you both and good luck.

Kathryn Griffiths £10.00 10/09/12

Wishing you the very best of luck with your fundraising efforts.

Scott Davies £30.00 09/09/12

Good Luck with the bike ride, ride safely and enjoy the challenge.

Hong Liang £10.00 07/09/12

Good Luck!

Ian Thynne £50.00 06/09/12

Good luck with the coast 2 coast ride and I hope the weather is good for you.

Richard Foster £10.00 05/09/12

God speed!!!

michael broxup £10.00 04/09/12

hope weather stays fine and you dont get saddle sore!! good luck.

Andy Davies £550.00 22/08/12

I have received £550 cash, which has been raised by 4 students who organised a 55 bike ride to Norwich and back in memory of Rory. They organised this off their own backs which was a fantastic effort and something to be proud of. They are: Ben Davies who raised £130, Connor Rettie £185, Alex Vingoe £150 and Cameron Goodings £85. Thank you

Andy Davies £1,300.00 08/05/12

Money raised by the students of Benjamin Britten High School charity football match played in Rory's honour - received with thanks

Anonymous £10.00 19/12/11

Donation from Nannies friends Pat and Eddy

Anthony Ramon Espindola £40.00 13/12/11

Monies from the sale of "Rory Bands" Thanks Donna and Hayley at "Redz"

Anonymous £10.00 29/11/11

From sale of Rory Bands

Anthony & Linda Espindola £100.00 08/11/11

With love from Nanny and Grandfather Clock

Andy Davies £10.00 06/11/11

Cash donation from Sylvia Reeve - received with thanks.

Andy Davies £47.00 06/11/11

More Rory band sales - thank you x

Andy Davies £30.00 30/10/11

Rory Band sales - thank you all so much X

Andy Davies £10.00 30/10/11

£10 kindly donated by Ellie Newland for Rory's 16th Birthday - Thank you Ellie xxx

Andy Davies £66.00 25/10/11

Last of the band sales coming in, fantastic news that this new amount will push our fund raising efforts over the £27,000 mark. Thank you all so much X

Andy Davies £336.60 20/10/11

More Rory Band sales, many thanks to all X

Andy Davies £220.00 17/10/11

Sponsor monies raised by Elle Tillet, Toni & Holly who completed the Women's Adidas 5k challenge. Well done on raising a fantastic amount of money.X

andy Davies £455.00 12/10/11

Thank you all so much, Rory Bands sales so far

Francesca Thompson £28.10 10/10/11

£28.10 - the amount reflects Rory's birthday 28th October 1995. Received with many Thanks X

Andy Davies £100.00 29/09/11

A BIG THANK YOU to the very kind person who anonymously posted an envelope through our front door containing £100 for Rorys charity...XXX

Simon Appleton £100.00 29/09/11

Sponsorship from Clays Digital Staff

Simon Appleton £250.00 29/09/11

sponsorship from friends and family.

Andy Davies £30.00 24/09/11

From all the parents and children at Chancellor Park Primary School.

The Loddon Players £100.00 23/09/11

Donation received with thanks from The Loddon Players

Andy Davies £200.00 23/09/11

Cash donation received with thanks from Clays Bindery department

Clays Ltd Bindery £90.00 13/08/11

Donations from Clays Bindery Department. Thank you

Andy Davies £383.65 09/08/11

Money raised by the children of Northfield St Nicholas Primary School on a non school uniform day in memory of Rory. Received with thanks

Andy Davies £186.00 03/08/11

Donated by Crispies Sandwich Bar and customers. Thank you so much.

Clays Ltd Colour & Finishing Dept £40.00 29/07/11

Cash donation, thank you

LISA LEWIS £20.00 27/07/11

Well done to you all for completing the challenge!!

A&L Dickerson £30.00 24/07/11

Thank you for you donation

Clays Ltd Colour & Finishing Dept £215.00 24/07/11

Cash collection, Thank you all

Clays Ltd Web Room £285.00 24/07/11

Clays Ltd Distribution Team £151.00 14/07/11

Vicky Ellis £20.00 12/07/11

Cash donation from Merit Chan - thanks Merit! x

Benjamin Britten High School £7,283.36 04/07/11

Fund Raising and donations from Concert Ticket and merchandise 1180.10 1866.30 FMS KHS 209,10 Burnt Hill FC 30.00 DHS 336.48 Football Match 2130.66 Waveney Youth Charity Day 121.60 Staff dress up Day 192,57 Donations Michelle Brown 50.00 Lily Foster 20.00 6th Form Fund raising 500.00 Events Connor Rettie - Cycle Ride 423.44 S Bailey & K Messenger 57.10 Shaves T Artnes, F Eison, J Day, R Newman 513.00 Donation from OFSTED Inspectors 25.00 Ted Oldman Sponsor Run 57.56 Wrist band sales in Memory of Rory Davies

Steve Merriman £20.00 04/07/11

Lee & April Archer £20.00 04/07/11

Andy Coles £25.00 27/06/11

Hi Vicky, I know this is after the event but well done on your fabulous achievement. I'll by you a drink or two on Weds!! Best Andy

Simon Howe £25.00 21/06/11


Martina Huban £20.00 21/06/11

andrew copley £30.00 21/06/11

Well done Team P. Fantastic achievement for a great cause.

Vicky Ellis £13.00 20/06/11

More cash collections - thanks to Phil Bonner, Kev & Sarah

Elizabeth Butcher £25.00 19/06/11

Well done to everyone who took part in this challenge for such a good cause. I think is is absolutely brilliant.

Slimming World £600.40 19/06/11

Sid Pratt £10.00 17/06/11

Good luck with the challenge and the weather!

Jennifer Hope £10.00 17/06/11

Good Luck Vicky and the team x

Martin Porter £20.00 17/06/11

Good Luck Ian

Mark Kane £20.00 16/06/11

Best wishes and good luck for tomorrow

Scott Davies £25.00 16/06/11

Good Luck Andy - From Bett & Tom Cartwright (Lynn's Mum & Dad)

Laura Bonner £20.00 16/06/11

Jenny Croft £30.00 15/06/11

Good Luck - worth every penny.

Burnt Hill 95 £250.00 12/06/11

Presented on behalf of Burnt Hill 95FC.Good luck to the team.

Andy Davies £104.00 12/06/11

Money raised from food and drink contributions at the Deans High School concert for Rory

bridget legrice £20.00 12/06/11

in the memory of one special person :)xx

Janice Hunt £20.00 11/06/11

Good luck team Clays

Marisol Kane £10.00 11/06/11

Good luck everyone. It's for a great cause. Marisol Kane

Mike Levaggi £30.00 10/06/11

Good Luck to all of you.

Chris Mccaffrey £20.00 09/06/11

Amanda Jones £10.00 09/06/11

Good Luck !! hope it doesn't rain on you! all best wishes Mandi

Claire Walker £15.00 06/06/11

Good luck team Clays - hope it does not rain!

The Deans High School £1,098.00 04/06/11

Money raised by the Students in memory of Rory. On Behalf of everyone at The Denes, good luck with your Three Peaks Challenge

Waveney Youth Football Club £650.00 04/06/11

presented by WYFC fun day balloon release & cake sales

Caroline Bendell £10.00 01/06/11

Good Luck :) !!

BURTON Alison £20.00 30/05/11

Best of luck - a great cause x

Colin Bannister £30.00 30/05/11

Good luck with the challenge. Rory and all the family (Grandad,Tony, is my neighbour)have set a fantastic and inspiring example of courage and dignity in the face of adversity. We wont forget either. Colin Bannister

Josephine Corkery £20.00 29/05/11

I'm your Mum's cousin wishing you Good Luck on your challenge

Laura Del Vescovo £10.00 25/05/11

The best of luck to all of you!

James Allison £25.00 22/05/11

Go team Clays - may the Force be with you.

Jon Goodenough £50.00 17/05/11

Good Luck !

Steve Johnson £20.00 16/05/11

Paul Bowes £20.00 13/05/11

Good luck with the challenge

Tracy Willmers £10.00 13/05/11

Good luck, what a story to keep you going during your challenge.

Phil Bennett £20.00 08/05/11

Hilary Pyburn £20.00 08/05/11

Best of luck to you all! A great challenge and a really good cause. Hilary

Andrew Spring £20.00 05/05/11

philip reeve £30.00 25/04/11

Rory will be with you all the way and forever more - give him a kiss from us when you say goodbye. with love Phil, Nicky, Jess and Harrison xxxxxxxxxxxx

Nicola Espindola £427.52 23/04/11

From all the parents and children at Chancellor Park Primary School.

Andy, Shelly, Tyler & Hayden Clifford £300.00 21/04/11

Louise Connolly £50.00 21/04/11

W & SG Connolly £20.00 21/04/11

Danielle Doyle & walkers £1,025.00 21/04/11

Stevi Bayes £150.00 21/04/11

To the Davies Family, money saved for Rorys charity,Rory & your family are a true inspiration to everyone.

John Porter £50.00 18/04/11

Good luck on the challenge Andy. It is a fantastic thing than you are doing. John & Wayne

Sean Smith £250.00 17/04/11

I never knew Rory, but he sounds like he was an amazing lad. My deepest sympathy for your loss.

Karen & Daughter £34.50 13/04/11

Donated at the Gig at The Denes High School

Shelley Bullivant £5.00 06/04/11

Harleston FC £50.00 06/04/11

Doreen Ollett £52.00 06/04/11

Good Luck on your 3 peaks challenge

Harley Nunn £10.00 06/04/11

andy,Good luck with your 3 peaks challenge

Enid Graham £10.00 05/04/11

A great tribute to a brave lad. Good Luck to all taking part.

Andrew Cochrane £20.00 04/04/11

Pauline Ellis £30.00 03/04/11

Wish we could do more.Our thoughts are with you and your family. Good luck with the challenge. Pauline & Mike

Jean Collins £5.00 03/04/11

Steve Bedingfield £20.00 02/04/11

Teresa Woolston £20.00 02/04/11

our thoughts are with you all at this sad time. I know Rory was an inspiration to all at BBHS. Good luck with the peaks challenge

Kevin Bowles £20.00 01/04/11

A very sad story and so unfair, but a brilliant way to make a positive contribution. Go Vik, (and maybe have a few alcohol-free days beforehand so you are in tip-top condition?!). Good luck to all. Bowlesy x

Jenny Watson £20.00 01/04/11

A & M Clifford £20.00 31/03/11

Christine & Mike £40.00 31/03/11

Leanne, Missy & Steven £30.00 31/03/11

Corey Soanes & friends FOXBOROUGH MIDDLE SCHOOL £25.05 31/03/11

Anonymous £20.00 31/03/11

RUTH SHARVELL £20.00 31/03/11

Good luck to you all with the challenge.

Kevin Mouzer £100.00 31/03/11

Best of Luck Andy from Kev,Liz,Amy and Hannah.

Lucy Yvart £10.00 29/03/11

Craig Ellis £50.00 27/03/11

Vicky Ellis £50.00 27/03/11

Hopefully Rory will give us all the strength to complete this in under 24 hours. Go Team Clays! x

Stephen Barrett £50.00 27/03/11

A brave challenge for such a brave young man. Our thoughts are with you all at this terribly sad time. Love Steve and Beth.

Anonymous £150.00 21/03/11

Ebony Felgate £74.70 21/03/11

Ebony did a collection for Rorys charity today after her dance school (SILHOUETTE STAGE SCHOOL) had finished their talent show today at the seagull theatre

KIRSTEN STONE £20.00 19/03/11

My sincerest condolences. I am sure that with Rory watching over you that you will be victorious in the challenge. So very sorry.

Steve Walker £50.00 19/03/11

You can do it Andy Love Steve, Lou & Family.

RACHEL BRYANTON £5.00 18/03/11

Hollie Keeler Abbie Wilkinson organised it and Danie Cook, Rebecca Larter, Chloe Rampling, Samantha Foster, Charlotte McGuiness, Tom Higgins, Georgia Wright, Tayla Rutter, Kayleigh Harwood, Megan Long and Kathy Ash £53.54 18/03/11

Made cakes and held a cake sale at Benjiman Britten High School for Rory

The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, Lowestoft Provincial Grand Lodge, all Lodges from Lowestoft, Beccles and Lowestoft Ladies Glades £2,393.00 17/03/11

All the Buffs thoughts are with Rory and his family and wish Andy every success for this most worthy cause.

Norman Nichols £25.00 17/03/11

Donation with love and sympathy from Bill and Brenda Kyson.

Karen West £10.00 16/03/11

I lost my cousin to a brain tumour at the age of 19. I feel your pain and wish you all the very best with your challenge

Rebecca Simpson £10.00 15/03/11

Matthew Perry £20.00 15/03/11

lucy YVART £20.00 14/03/11

All the best for a very worthy cause X RIP young man.

Anonymous £10.00 14/03/11

Tracy Bullard £10.00 13/03/11

How such a tragedy can bring everyone together is remarkable. Good luck to you all, love and bestwishes at this sad time. The Bullard family. xx

Chris Long £20.00 13/03/11

Thoughts are with your family at this time, Chris, Helen, & Kyle Long & family xxxx

Michael Marjoram £10.00 13/03/11

Lisa Feavyour £10.00 13/03/11

Anne Perrin £50.00 13/03/11

So very sorry to hear the devastating news. Our thoughts are with you - take care, Anne

Paul Usher £10.00 13/03/11

As a teacher at Rory's school, I know how many people's lives he has touched and how many people he has inspired with his brave, brave fight. This is a great way to raise money for a brilliant cause *we will be victorious*

Caroline Bateman £10.00 13/03/11

Thinking of you and your family at this time.

Julie Neate £5.00 13/03/11

Susan Whaley £30.00 12/03/11

Good luck with the challenge. Rory will always have a special place in our hearts. Lots of love from the Whaleys x

Sam Sansom £10.00 12/03/11

James Vanstone £10.00 07/03/11

Bless you all

Darren Chard £50.00 06/03/11

Go Go Go Andy! So sorry about what you are all going through. Take care.

Anonymous £10.00 06/03/11

As a parent I cannot imagine what you and your family and friends are going through - Good luck and much love to Rory xxx

Gerard Hand £20.00 06/03/11

Good luck Andy, Thinking of you all.

Penny Larkin £20.00 05/03/11

You're doing an amazing thing at such a difficult time, wishing Rory and all your family all the very best x

Kerri Cullen £20.00 04/03/11

Good luck Andy x

Anonymous £150.00 03/03/11

Sarah Spilling £10.00 03/03/11

Good luck to Rory's dad - we hope you raise more than your target, love from Sarah and her family X

John Burwood £50.00 03/03/11

Lin & Geoff Smith £50.00 01/03/11

Hope this will help in some small way. Love from Linda & Geoff

Janet Kemp £187.00 01/03/11

With lots of love and good luck on ther challenge Janet (Kemp)

Hayley Nichols £10.00 01/03/11

Best wishes Andy, thinking of you all xx

Michelle Clark £20.00 28/02/11

You can do it Vikki!! I'll be rooting you on from paradise..there will be manwich and tequila waiting for you when you come back!

Antonia Key £20.00 28/02/11

Brillant. Will be thinking of you. xxx

Belinda Rapley £20.00 28/02/11

Jo Hamilton £10.00 27/02/11

Kim Davis £5.00 24/02/11

Waveney Youth Football Club £250.00 19/02/11

Donated of behalf of WYFC where Rory worked Saturday mornings setting up pitches and assisting with coaching of other children attending the club.

Vic Moore £50.00 19/02/11

Steve Woods £20.00 19/02/11

Go for it left handed single girl - and as we discussed anything could happen.....Steve

Terry Kennedy £50.00 18/02/11

Sarah Chapman £50.00 14/02/11

Good luck. Thinking of you all. Lots of love Sarah Trevor Daisy and Phoebe xx

Leanne Cahill £20.00 14/02/11

Good luck guys. Love you Rory xxxx

spencer mccormack £10.00 14/02/11

Good Luck with the challenges ahead...! Spencer

karilyn freestone £10.00 12/02/11

Good luck to you all on your 3 peaks challenge. x

Tania Postill £10.00 10/02/11

Your story has touched the hearts of so many people in Lowestoft.

Anonymous £20.00 10/02/11

From a member of Northfield St Nicholas staff.My thoughts are with you all

Norman Nichols £50.00 10/02/11

All the best, Andy. Ann and Norman

LISA REEVE £20.00 09/02/11

I'm so very sorry to hear your devastating news, thinking of you and your family at this extremely difficult time. Very best of luck to all involved with the challenge. Lisa x

Evandro Manolas £20.00 09/02/11

Good luck Vik. Excellent cause.

Martin Ducker £100.00 09/02/11

Kirstie Harvey £20.00 09/02/11

Donated with much love and support to you and your family x good luck Andy

Elizabeth Gee £20.00 08/02/11

Good luck to you all. Liz, Will & family

Pauleen Marriott £30.00 07/02/11

Greg Wood £50.00 07/02/11

Good luck on your challenge buddy, are prayers are with you and the family. Greg and Claire

Christine Laws £50.00 06/02/11

Good luck Andy. Our hearts go out to you all, and constantly in our prayers. The Laws Family x

Rowan Hopkins £25.00 05/02/11

Nicola Espindola £20.00 05/02/11

Amazing work Andy - we're thinking of you all and hoping as hard as we can. Jay & Nicola Espindola

Brian Morrall £20.00 05/02/11

Good luck with the challenge, my thoughts are with you!

Olivia Nicholson £20.00 05/02/11

Good luck guys. Wave to Simon on the way !!

Joanne Nunn £20.00 05/02/11

Good luck Andy.We are all thinking of

John Dickens £250.00 04/02/11

Smash the three peaks mate, my thoughts are with you and your family. JD

Jamie Westwood £10.00 04/02/11

Andrea Johnson £20.00 04/02/11

So sorry to hear your devastating news. My daughter Faith goes to BBHS. Our thoughts are with Rory and his family. Good luck with the challenge.

keri Clements £20.00 04/02/11

Andy, wish you all the best for the challange and thoughts are with you Lisa and the Boys. We have everything crossed for Rory. He is an inspiration.Love Keri, Joey, Hannah and Ethan xx

Lewis Potter £20.00 04/02/11

I'm devastated to hear about the news.. My thoughts are with Rory and all of his family and friends in these terrible times. I truly wish you the best of luck with this challenge, an excellent cause!

Anonymous £25.00 04/02/11

Our son has been going to Kuk Sool Won for several years and our daughter goes to BBHS. We are all thinking about you at this difficult time.

paula hanner £10.00 04/02/11

Scott Davies £50.00 03/02/11

Go for it bruv. It'll be a walk in the park for you.

Gareth Bone £10.00 03/02/11

jennifer tucker £10.00 03/02/11

Good Luck Andy and are thinking of you all jen and phil xxxx

SHARON MURRAY £20.00 03/02/11

All the best! x

Paul Hudson £30.00 03/02/11

An amazing challenge for the most worthwhile of causes. Good luck to you all.

Coral Gibbs £10.00 03/02/11

More than happy to support such a worthy cause. Good luck to Andy and his team and hope you raise more than your target.

Elizabeth McGinley £50.00 03/02/11

What a thoughtful man giving something back. Love to you and all your family. Onwards and upwards.

clare jackson £10.00 02/02/11

Simon Johnson £20.00 02/02/11

Sorry to hear your devastating news Andy. My thoughts are with you and your family.

Guy Smith £10.00 02/02/11

I am so sorry to hear of your devastating news Rory, Andy and the Davis family. My thoughts are with you, always.

Rachel Marriott £30.00 02/02/11

Go Andy Go - a very worthy cause and I am sure you will complete the challenge in record time. Thinking of you all xx

Labyrinth Safety Management £50.00 02/02/11

Good luck with the challenge !!

RACHEL PEEK £10.00 02/02/11

Good luck - I have a son at BBHS and all of my family are thinking of you. x

Sarah Ross £20.00 02/02/11

A fundraiser thats really worth supporting! Thinking of You, Lisa, and the boys. Love all of us

Jon Denny £10.00 02/02/11

All the best Andy, my thoughts are with you and all the family. SBN Jon x

Astrid Cramer £10.00 02/02/11

Go for it Andy! Thinking of you all over there in Lowestoft, Astrid x

Melanie Davey £30.00 02/02/11

A fantastic cause for a very brave and amazing young man. Good luck team Rory!

Tanya Dunbar £100.00 01/02/11

Very impressive challenge, make sure you boys keep up with Vik!

Denise Lockwood £30.00 01/02/11

Sally Toll £10.00 01/02/11

Martin Slattery £30.00 01/02/11

Melanie Berry £50.00 31/01/11

Viks - if anyone can do this, you can! Fantastic cause. I will be watching the training from the Seychelles and hopefully being inspired. You are all an inspriation x x x

Eddie Marsden-Jones £10.00 31/01/11

Good luck Vik. My wife has done it so it can't be that hard. Mind you, she made my life hell for a couple of days afterwards and probably will again if she reads this.

Paul Styan £30.00 31/01/11

Good luck for the challenge, tell Dykey to do some more training!

debbie wilson £30.00 30/01/11

Vik Im knackered just looking at your training times, keep up the good work; great commitment to a great cause, xx

Ray Vanstone £30.00 30/01/11

What a great thing to do Vics for a great cause. We'll be thinking of you and all at Clays doing it with you.

davina stokes £10.00 29/01/11

Hope it all works out for you and your family , all the best Budgie and Nina

Paula Renshaw £10.00 29/01/11

Good luck, I hope you hit your target for such a worthwhile charity xxx

Susan Bradley £50.00 29/01/11

Good luck Andy we know you can do it xxx

Jacqui Caulton £30.00 29/01/11

Go Simon and the team. An amazing effort for a great cause. All the best x

Gemma Buskell £10.00 28/01/11

Good luck Andy! We're all behind you :)

Kathryn Staniforth £20.00 28/01/11

Good luck Vicky and your band of brothers. Love, Kat, Philip and Benjamin xxx

Catherine Ellingham £5.00 28/01/11

Anonymous £20.00 26/01/11

There's no better cause. Enjoy the challenge.

Gina Montgomery £25.00 24/01/11

PHIL BONNER £20.00 24/01/11

Good luck to all of you, a great cause.

Carl Hembling £25.00 24/01/11

Good luck guys!

Gil Davies £100.00 22/01/11

Good luck to you all, a very worthy cause.

Elaine Davies £100.00 22/01/11

Wishing you every success, be thinking of you xx

Anonymous £250.00 21/01/11

Anonymous £25.00 21/01/11

Good luck - great cause

Tracey Robinson £20.00 20/01/11

Lots of luck all of you - and go Twinny! Tx

mark woods £20.00 20/01/11

Antony Espindola £100.00 19/01/11

Good luck Andy!

Andy Davies £100.00 19/01/11

Andy Davies £100.00 19/01/11

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