In Memory of Jack Chester

  • Name: Shree Rajani
  • Location: london
  • Fundraising target: £NaN
  • Page closes: 16 September 2016
  • Online donations: £6,165.00
  • Offline donations: £33,262.00
  • Reclaimed Gift Aid: £1,321.13
  • Current total: £40,748.13

In memory of Jack Chester


Jack Chester sadly passed away on Wednesday 15th September 2010. His family have requested that donations are made in his memory to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Who's made a donation?

Name Amount Date Comment
Charlotte Thomas £5.00 20/03/14

To the brightest star in the sky, your truly missed and loved by everyone. I thought I would donate my "No make up Selfie" in memory of yourself. Keep shining Jack. I love you lots, and miss you more everyday xXx

Alicia Clauson £10.00 02/12/13

Jack, I still don't even know where to start... It only feels like yesterday me and Kelly was playing in your garden with you. The years have flown by, but myself and everyone else still thinks of you every single day. Hope you're still smiling, we all miss you dearly. Forever in my heart. Alicia Clauson xxxxx

Anonymous £20.00 15/03/13

Wonderful 'Red Nose' cakes. Smaller causes not forgotten.

Mark Chester £25.00 18/01/13

Happy Birthday Son..... 22 today......22 years ago when you born it snowed..and it is again today......the snow always reminds me of always loved it.... so how would you ahve celebrated your birthday?..a drink with your mates at uni and then home..and drink with mates calling you and wishng you happy Birthday son.... I love and miss you so very much my darling son....the pain never goes away..the hole never filled.....i shall have a drink with you today.... we will be together again one day.... Loving you and missing you mate..... Love Dad.... xxxxx

Mandy Barnes £40.00 21/08/12

Jack,I had a great day out with your mum. Just want to donate to show my appreciation. x

Mandy Barnes £140.00 21/08/12

From all the wonderful people who donatated at our 'Ladies Day'. We know your wish was to buy more equipment for young people with cancer so this will help to buy a few games or be put towards the cost of something more expensive.Looking forward to having another lovely day next year where we will collect and donate again. xxx

Mark Chester £50.00 18/01/12

My Beautiful Son Happy 21st are still with us, and yet i miss you so much. Time is healer until i look at your picture and see your beautiful face and remember the wonderful times we had together and my heart breaks with pain, it never goes away, it just hides. I love and miss you so very much Jack. We should have been planning your 21st party! I will have a drink on you...... The greatest joys in my life was seeing you and your brother born and you ahve both been my joys ever since. Nothing can ever match the way i feel about you and Tom. Loving you forever Dad xxxxxxx

Mark Chester £50.00 23/12/11

My DArling Beautiful son, best friend and how i miss you still hurts everyday.......i love you so very much and miss and miss and miss you............. To everyone who ahs raised funds or contributed to the TCT in Jacks name, i would like to offer a very sincere and heartfelt thanks to you all. Jack would be so proud and pleased for your efforts as i am. Thank you very very much. TCT deserve every penny.......... Love and missing son xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

graham wiseman £25.00 17/10/11

I was a referee at the tournament at Campion School in Jack's memory. The day was enjoyable and the matches played with a good spirit. my donations includes may travel expenses.

Lorraine Kerr £235.00 07/10/11

In our thoughts Staff and members of Stapleford Abbotts Golf Club.

Carol Chester £255.00 30/09/11

Thank you to Grace and everyone who sponsored her on the 10k BUPA run.

Christine Mason £20.00 15/09/11

Thinking of Carol and Tom with much love on this sad anniversary. x x x x x

Mark Chester £50.00 14/09/11

My Beautiful Darling Son, My God how much i miss you one cannot measure. You are in my thoughts everyday. I miss you so much, the colour you brought into my life is not as bright, the fun and laughter you gave me gone. Im so lucky to have had you as my son you will always be my son by my side walking with me but i wish you were here with me. I love you so very much..and my heart aches constantly missing you and miss you.....until we meet again son.... xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous £60.00 13/03/11

In memory of Jack - Queens Hospital Medical Records Raffle.

Chris Mason £20.00 25/01/11

I have no better words than those already said, so can only echo all the wonderful comments about Jack. Thinking of Carol and Tom with much love. Chris, Chris, Abi and George. x

Mark Chester £50.00 18/01/11

My Darling Son Jack. Today is your Birth Day. 20 years ago you visted us and brought us happiness and joy for many years. Your beauty as a son and brother and friend remains with us all. You had visted this palce before and you will again. Your humility, dignity, bravery, kindness,generosity laughter and smile touched us all. You were and are an inspiration to many people, even to those who never met you but heard of you. You were once told me that you wnated to be like!....son, if i could achove half of what you ahve as a person then i would consider myself lucky! You were a son,brother and friend to be proud of. I, we, all miss you so much. May God and all of hes Messengers and Angels take care of you. Happy Birth Day son, I miss you Greatly! xxxxx

Natalie Cook £20.00 18/01/11

Thinking of you on your special day and always. Lots of love Nat and Cookie xx xx

Anonymous £50.00 31/12/10

For lovely,lovely Jack - Lots of love Sue & Grant x x x

Nicola Lucas £10.00 29/12/10

To our super star Jack, Happy Christmas darling, you are in our thoughts all the time Jack. Sending you, Carol and Tom all our love Nik Craig Amelia and Freya xxxx

NATALIE COOK £30.00 24/12/10

Always in our memories and thoughts. Missing you so very much. All our love always Nat & Cookie xxxx

Anonymous £20.00 22/12/10

From NHSBT Strategic Marketing Christmas raffle - With Love x

Anonymous £10.00 22/12/10

No secret Santa! Only one draw ticket! Better use of the money for those like Jack. God bless. R

Emily Capener £20.00 10/12/10

Always thinking of you & always missing you Jack. Lots of Love. Emily, Sophie, Jane & Matt xx

James Talbot £130.00 03/12/10

Jack, I never had the privilege to meet you as I was a few years below you, but I was inspired by your story when I heard about it, and decided to take part in a run10k over Hylands park. In memory of yourself and my grandad who past away a year ago of cancer I ran with a photo of you both. Amongst a few friends and members of staff in a short space of time I managed to raise £260, dividing the sponsorship between the TCT and Cancer Research. The school will never forget you and we are all thinking of your family and friends. Rest in Peace Jack.

Mark Chester £50.00 01/12/10

My Beautiful Brave Son. Another month passes without you in my world, and it all seems so dark and dull. You gave me such much joy and happiness, made my world brighter. I miss you so much son. I look back and remember your bravery, your honesty your strength, your goodwill, your generosity and kindness and it picks me up and i go like i belive you would want me to, but it still doesnt rid me of the hurt and anger and pain that i feel. Your bravery inspires me and i hope many others to aim for their dreams and to get through their obstacles and make their lives and others better. I am so very proud of who you were and what you achieved in such a short life. I love and miss you ever so much God Bless

Lorna Feeney £100.00 22/11/10

Carol, Mark and Tom, I've only just heard of Jack's death I want to convey the immense sorrow we feel at Jack's life lost, and your loss of seeing him live and grow..... Carol, you have my love as ever, but never more keenly than now. So sad and so sorry, lorna x

Anonymous £30.00 19/11/10

you've made your mum and all those that knew you very proud, you were inspirational and brave,sadly, a light went out in this world, but absolutely the brightest star entered heaven and shines for us to remember forever.

Amy West £20.00 16/11/10

Dear Jack, you were an absolute joy in the classroom, so funny and bright. The world is a very sad place now that you are not part of it. Thank you for being such an inspiration to all who knew you. Was very sorry not to make the service but was in labour.....I knew that you would understand and find it quite funny! Rest and sleep well. Love Amy West and her two monsters Henry & Oliver. XXX

ricky pite £75.00 12/11/10

from Jim Mac, Den, Lee, John S, Michael, Barry and Ricky

suzanne sammons £41.00 11/11/10

with love from the C.O.P.E. team at Queen's xxx

Anonymous £170.00 04/11/10

Thinking of you from Staff and Members of Stapleford Abbotts Golf Club x

Anonymous £20.00 31/10/10

With Love Andy, Gill, Natalie & Cameron (Chairman - Gidea Park Rangers)

Mark Chester £50.00 29/10/10

My darling son. I miss you so much, everyday my heart aches for you. I long for you to walk through the door or just call up on the phone. I miss your smile your laughter your gentleness and your humour, i miss your touch and hugs. I miss you big time son every day........God Bless You it is your strength and the strength of your brother that keeps me going......

Anonymous £10.00 28/10/10

Dear Jack, I didn't get the honour of meeting you but as a friend of my brother, I heard of your story and what an inspiration you have been to us all. I admire so much the way in which you lived your life to the full and with courage. Such a good friend and loved by so many people who share happy memories of you. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers, Jack. with love xxxxxxxx

Russell Ridley £30.00 24/10/10

Rest in peace Jack. With all our love Tracey, Russell, Joe and Sam xxxx

Joel Dakoh £50.00 11/10/10

You are the best football manager ever.Thanks for giving me a chance at GPR. We will never forget you. Take care till we meet again one day. Joel Dakoh (Joely)xxxxx

Carol Chester £60.00 05/10/10

Additional donations received from Friends and Neighbours in Rise Park. A further £217 in cheques has been forwarded direct to TCT and this will be added to the offline donations. Many thanks for everyones generosity. Carol & Tom x

Richard Clarke £20.00 05/10/10

Loizos Kallis £20.00 05/10/10


Karen Ladly £50.00 04/10/10

In loving and grateful memory of someone who achieved more in his all too brief life than most of us do with much more time. See you again one day Karen x

Karen Sandwell £20.00 03/10/10

Jack, I met you only a handful of times and for the briefest of moments yet you have been an inspiration. May Carol, your family and friends take comfort in the knowledge of the impact you had on others.

Anonymous £25.00 01/10/10

Roger Daltrey £500.00 01/10/10

an inspiration to us all

Anonymous £20.00 01/10/10

Jack you will always be remembered as a lovely boy and a pleasure to know. You will be greatly missed. Love Tommy Andrea & Jamie Wray x

Anonymous £20.00 30/09/10

Forever our Peter Pan - with love Ken & Vera xx

Jennie Miller £30.00 30/09/10

Jack - you were and are a inspiration to everyone who knew you. You are the bravest young man I have ever met and I hope I have half of your courage if faced with such an illness. Jack you made the world a better place. Rest in Peace. With love to Carol and Tom and your family from Jennie Miller

Steve & Jane Phillips £50.00 30/09/10

In memory of Jack. Rememeber the Arsenal photo sand upsetting the ground staff with Sam over the grass.

Jane Mitchell £20.00 30/09/10

A really exceptional young man who achieved so much. I'm glad I knew him.

Anonymous £10.00 30/09/10

From Vince at the Paper Shop x

NHS Blood and Transplant £114.00 29/09/10

In remembrance of a brave and inspirational young man. With love from all the staff at Brentwood Blood Centre.

Paul Samuels £20.00 29/09/10

Bridget Way £30.00 29/09/10

For Jack with love Bridget,Howard,Ryan & Tom Way

Anonymous £10.00 28/09/10


caroline king £20.00 28/09/10

Jack, the spirit and energy you had was amazing. I am sure in part, it was due to the loving Mum you have, who walked with you, hand in hand all the way down that difficult road. RIP

Darren Flint £20.00 28/09/10

The assistance and support you gave Alex in his first year with GPR football team will always be remembered by myself and my family.

June Chandler £30.00 28/09/10

victoria pallott £10.00 28/09/10

Tina Kennett £30.00 28/09/10

Jack, I still keep expecting you to walk through my door with a 'hi miss'. Your smile, your charm and your cuddles would brighten my day. I have never met anyone so strong, so possitive and so caring as you and i am truely gratful to have known you these last 3 years. I am not sure who gave who the strengh in your family, you Carol or Tom, but you are all amazing, you are all an inspiration. Jack you will always be in my thoughts (and your sweets in my fridge and your wonderful ornaments on my 'tacky shelf'. Miss you honey, all my love Tina, Gary, Daniel and Emma xxxx

Anonymous £25.00 27/09/10

God Bless- Eunice & Jack x

Barbara Kenlin £20.00 27/09/10

To my star ICT student. XX

Robert Stevens £100.00 27/09/10

Jack you are an inspiration to many. With love from the Stevens family.

Sam de Lotz £20.00 27/09/10

Anonymous £10.00 27/09/10

Thinking of you, Sully, Karen, Connor & Megan x x

Anonymous £10.00 27/09/10

With our deepest sypathy, Betty, Peter & Nina x

Anonymous £100.00 27/09/10

With Love - Andrew & Finty x

carol farrelly £30.00 27/09/10

From the time of diagnosis, and my first visit to you, Mum and Tom since hearing the awful news that you had cancer, I was aware of the enormous strength evolving in the Chester camp. Your strength, bravery, humility and tenacity have been second to none. I hold dear in my heart the words 'I love you, Carol' uttered to me only a week before you died which you spoke into my ear as I kissed you goodbye. Even then, despite how gravely ill you were, you were considering others. I will miss you, Jack Chester and want to pay tribute to your Mum and darling Tom. If I were ill, I would want Carol Chester to be my Mum. God bless you, with love as always from Carol, Sophie, Mattie, George and Tills. xxxxx

Luis Foster Diez £20.00 27/09/10

Jack, you were the best football manager ever, I look up to you so much, you gave me sooo much confident. I'm getting better and better and promise you I'll be scoring lots for you. I'm going to miss you a lot. Keep looking after us, thank you Jack lots of love Luis xxxx

Anonymous £20.00 26/09/10

With fond memories of Jack, the Staff & Governors of Rise Park Junior School x

Anonymous £20.00 26/09/10

Love From Darren, Kerrie and Family x x x

Anonymous £40.00 26/09/10

Thank you to whoever posted this donation anonymously through our door - Carol & Tom x

Anonymous £10.00 26/09/10

Jack was and always will be an inspiration to us all - Keith Miller

Gayle Bashford £10.00 26/09/10

Lorri Garnell £50.00 26/09/10

Dear Jack, I know your Mum was so very proud of you. Lots of love, Lorri, Dave and Alfie xx

Robert Williams £20.00 26/09/10

Rest In Peace Jack.

Natalie Cook £100.00 25/09/10

Cheeky, Charming & Gorgeous Jack; They say you meet people for a reason and how true that is when we met you. You touched our lives and we are so truly richer for knowing you. You will always be a huge part of our family. Missing you so much. Forever in our hearts. All our love always, Natalie, Jay, Tina, John, Jake and your little Cookie xxxxxx

Joseph Cook £20.00 25/09/10

Dear Jack, You are the best Football Manager in the World, Miss you lots and our special cuddles. Lots and lots and lots of Love your Cookie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous £20.00 25/09/10

God bless you Jack, and your family. Thomas More said that there is no hurt on earth that cannot be mended in heaven.

Clare Hudson £20.00 24/09/10

Life is too cruel to take away anyone so young RIP Jack

Christine Austin £20.00 24/09/10

Our Shining Star - Nanny & Grandad x x

Sarah Hanner £175.00 24/09/10

Dear Jack, Your bravery and courage throughout the last two years has been an inspiration to us all. Your memory will remain with us as we strive to contribute to the amazing work you did for the Teenage Cancer Trust. With love from all your Mum's colleagues; Martin, Richard, Emma, Martin, Lorraine, Julia, Ben, Debbie, Michelle, Ashley, Tamsin, Rachel, Sarah R, Sarah H & Tony xxx

Sam Wing £10.00 24/09/10

words can't describe the impact you've made on everyones lives. you will truly be missed.

Nicola Savage £10.00 24/09/10

RIP Jack. Congratulations for all your great work with TCT. Thinking of your family at this time. The Savages. xxxx

Anonymous £30.00 24/09/10

the world has lost a fine young man rest in peace jack

jacqui johnstone £20.00 24/09/10

we will always remember you ! Heaven has gained a wonderful saint. '

Jane Capener £50.00 24/09/10

You were a special person Jack who has made a huge impression. Your courage and great character will be greatly missed. Love you always, Jane, Matt, Emily & Sophie xxxx

Jessica Brock £10.00 24/09/10

Jack, its still hard to believe you've gone but now you rest in peace. You touched the lives of so many people and I'm so grateful you were a part of mine. You will forever live in my heart and I will think of you everyday like I have done over the last few years. I know you're laughing, smiling and watching over everyone. I love you jacky boy xxx

caro; westerman £50.00 24/09/10

Wonderful tribute for you today Jack this scripture is for you Isaiah 60: 19-20 The sun shall be no more thy light by day,neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee, but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy Glory. Thy sun shall no more go down, neither shall thy moon withdraw itself, for the LORD shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of mourning shall be ended..Carol & Glenn & familyxxx

Anonymous £20.00 23/09/10

Gone but not forgotten - Pauline and Family x

Clare Lynch £30.00 23/09/10

Jack you were a wonderful and courageous young man -our thoughts are with your parents and family. You were an inspiration - always smiling! Your friends at Campion have a tough act to follow. The Lynch family

Wendy Anthony £40.00 23/09/10

Jack, Our memories of you will always live on in our hearts. You were a brave, handsome, clever, creative person who will be sadly missed. Sleep peacefully Jack, love, Wendy, Shane, Georgie and Harry xxxx

AUDREY FRASER £20.00 23/09/10

RIP Jack. Audrey, Gary, Hayley and Nicholas Fraser

Andrew Barnes £40.00 23/09/10

Jack continues to be an inspiration to us all, of how to live our lives, strong and courageous, caring for others, making every day count, living life to the full. Thank you Jack. Our love to Carol, Tom and family. Mandy, Andy, Michael & James.

Beverley Griffiths £305.00 23/09/10

A collection has been made in Jack's memory from his neighbours in Rise Park. So far the sum of £585.00 has been donated. Cheques totalling £280 are being forwarded directly to the charity. The loss of this brave and spirited young man has affected us all. Our thoughts are with Carol,Mark,Tom and the family at this sad time. x

Rhiannon Winchester £20.00 23/09/10

Jack - an amazing person who made many years of Taurus Park so enjoyable. Your personality gave us all many treasured memories. We will never ever forget you. May you rest in peace. All our love Ian, Fran, Rhiannon and Hannah xxxxx

Clauson Family £50.00 23/09/10

Your bravery and dignity will be an inspiration to others. You will be a shining light for your loved ones to look on.

Katie Rivers £10.00 23/09/10

Jack, you were so brave and so special to all of us .. Miss you and love you always .. xxxx

Richard Jeffrey £100.00 22/09/10

We remember a great lad who was an inspiration to others.

Paul Parker £50.00 22/09/10

Jack, words are not enough, you inspired and gave courage to many, you will be in our hearts forever. Love Paul,Anne,Jessica Abigail and Charlie

Neil Phillips £25.00 22/09/10

Your courage and dignity are an inspiration to us all.

John Drummond £20.00 22/09/10

You cannot read this story and not be moved.

Anonymous £10.00 22/09/10

Sue Peckham £10.00 22/09/10

Like Sophie Peckham I am not a Arsenal fan, but if you've inspired her, then you must have been someone special. My thoughts are with your family

Elaine Brock £50.00 22/09/10

Dear Jack, You have done so much for others whilst you were still in this world. This place has lost a friend and a champion of the people. You will always be remembered for your inspiration and dignity. Rest in peace darling and wait for us to join youxxxx

Emily Brock £50.00 22/09/10

My darling Jack, it pains my heart to say goodbye to you. You did so much for others and rarely thought for yourself. You were the kindest, bravest, loving human being and I will miss you forever. I know you would want me to live my life to the fullest and not mourn you forever but it will be hard to forget the pain you have suffered. You were the guy who everyone wanted to be around because you were such a lovely person. Sleep well my love, I will carry your strength in life with me. Love forever, Emily and Shaun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Julie Hampton £100.00 22/09/10

Your zest for life was amazing. You will live on in our memories. With love from Auntie Julie, Uncle David, James, Rob and Eddie. xxxxx

James Cattell £30.00 22/09/10

Jack you leave us with so memories, from the cheeky little boy that Faye baby sat to the grown up man you became. We are all proud of what you achieved. You will be forever missed never forgotten rest in peace. Jim, Debbie, Faye and Lucy. XXXXXXX

Natalie Hoverd £10.00 22/09/10

My friend Sophie is an amazing person because she is able to reach out to the likes of myself and ask for help for such a worthy cause. Jack - I never knew you, and I'm the poorer for it - but I am sure that the lives you have touched will keep on campaigning for the TCT and you will not be forgotten.

Andrew / Stephany Murdock £50.00 22/09/10

With lots of love.

Clare Szaroleta £10.00 21/09/10

Emily Wheldon £10.00 21/09/10

Stewart Wing £70.00 21/09/10

Gone from our sight, but never our memories, Gone from our touch, but never our hearts. All our love always Karen & Stewart.

Gary willis £30.00 21/09/10

Jack it was a privilage to have known you. I remember the first time i spoke to you when you played in goal for ferns fc,and thought what a nice polite young man, you will be sadly missed but your fight still goes on.RIP Jack love Gary and family.

Emily Capener £40.00 21/09/10

Jack, you will be truely missed. It was a pleasure being part of your life and I will never forget you and the good times we had. Lots of Love. Emily x

Sophie Peckham £20.00 20/09/10

You are an inspiration and your memory will live on with me and everything I do at Teenage Cancer Trust. Thanks for the memories x

Angie Oates £20.00 20/09/10

Anonymous £20.00 20/09/10

Will always be remembered as one of the best, fondest memories from Rise park school through to his teenage years. His life may have been tragically cut short but his impact BIG..touched by everyone he came into contact with..many a heart has been broken..gone but never forgotten our deepest sympathy to Carol and family

Anonymous £20.00 20/09/10

Maureen Leech £30.00 20/09/10

A very special young man who I had the pleasure to know. I will always treasure the many special hours & chats we had whilst touring South Africa - especially our helicopter ride in Drakensberg. You are an inspiration to all cancer sufferers. I am sure that you will be organising some event with the "big man upstairs"! God Bless David & Maureen Leech

Charlie Jones £20.00 20/09/10

Jack, can't beleive your of the nicest people you'll ever come across...ill always remember the good times we had at rise park..the laughs and the banter...the world could do with a few more of you...much love as always dude, charlie

Jacqui Remmington £100.00 20/09/10

To a special, special young man. You will be missed by so many. Shine on always Jack. All our love always. Jacqui, Tony, Alex & Hannah. xXx

Francesca Marenghi £25.00 20/09/10

Jack, you are an absolute legend. I know that your personality and inspiration will live on forever. You were a joy to everyone who met you at Teenage Cancer Trust and I am honoured to have known you. Thank you for all the laughs and fun times. Francesca x

Nicola Holt £20.00 20/09/10

sue & roy sammons £200.00 20/09/10

A beautiful young man, so very brave and dignified.An inspiration to young and old.I will be a very proud mum if my son grows to be half the man you

Victoria Daly £20.00 20/09/10

Jack, you are going to be missed so much by so many people. Every time I think about you not being here by heart breaks. You made a real mark on everyone you met and you will remain in the hearts of us 'Dalys' always. Love you x

Julie Hare £30.00 20/09/10

Big Jack it was our pleasure to have been a small part of your life. With all love Sam, Steve and Julie Hare X

Anonymous £50.00 20/09/10

In memory of Jack. Love Jeanette, Kevin, Becca and Sarah.

Tasha Taylor £30.00 20/09/10

Jack You were a true inspiration, and absolutely charming boy and I was amazed by the courage you showed. You will be sorely missed. Memories and laughs with you I will treasure forever and always. Lots of Love Tasha

Anonymous £30.00 20/09/10

In memory of Jack. With love from Maisie xx

Craig Lucas £50.00 20/09/10

Jack, a really brave and loveable young man. You will be so missed, words cannot describe. Love ya Jack. Nikki Craig Amelia and Freya

Hayley Pycock £20.00 20/09/10

You were an amazing person Jack. Alwaya made me laugh! I'm really going to miss our chats. I love you xxx

Carol Chester £50.00 17/09/10

To my beautiful brave boy, who fought so hard. You are an inspiration to eveyone you meet and your strength of character shone through. You are a light in my life that will never fade. Love you forever, Your very proud Mum xx

Mark Chester £50.00 17/09/10

My amazing brave and beautiful son. My heart aches with you gone. But i take strength to know that your spirit is with me, your mum and Tom and all your family and friends. I miss you dreadfully but try to be strong for you as you would wnat me to be. There is a verse form the Poem Invictus which i belive is a reflection of you and you incredible strong fight. "In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade. And yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find, me unafraid It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of fate: I am captain of my soul" Your loving dad, who is so proud of you i shall love you forever x

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