White Collar Boxing

  • Name: Paul Nicholls
  • Location: Jersey
  • Fundraising target: £5,000
  • Page closes: 01 August 2011
  • Online donations: £2,455.00
  • Offline donations: £1,446.41
  • Reclaimed Gift Aid: £224.23
  • Current total: £4,125.64

I am taking part in this year's White Collar Boxing show at the Hotel de France, Jersey to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust's Jersey Appeal. Your support will help raise money towards a new unit being built at Southampton General Hospital. Every young person who is diagnosed with cancer in Jersey will benefit from improved care and facilities in Southampton.


On Saturday 16 July 2011 I am going to be putting my neck on the line to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust's Jersey Appeal. I have signed up for this year Jersey White Collar Boxing show at the Hotel de France and between now and then I am undergoing a punishing 10 weeks of training and exercise. No booze, no fags, no curries, no late nights...just sheer physical exhaustion!As anyone who knows me will confirm, I am not exactly built for boxing! My last "fight" of any note, was in my school playground around 1980 when I won a split decision against a kid called John Ambrose! (John if you are reading this, it should have been a unanimous verdict!)Anyway, for 10 weeks I am undergoing the boxing boot camp from hell, as I endeavour to ready my ageing and fairly dilapidated frame into that of a boxing champion! In doing so, I want to try to raise as much money as possible for a brilliant cause Jersey's Teenage Cancer Trust Appeal.Young people with cancer in Jersey need to travel to Southampton to receive their specialised treatment. To provide them with the best care in an age-appropriate environment, we have established a local appeal on the island to raise at least £100,000 to help develop the new Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Southampton General Hospital. This is the amount it costs to fit out a patient bedroom with everything a young person would want when spending long periods in hospital.Each bedroom has entertainment equipment including flat screen televisions, sound systems, customised lighting, wall art, en-suite bathroom and internet access. There is also place for parents or family and friends to stay over on a pull-out bed.Donating is dead easy and if you have got this far you can't possibly go back without donating can you? Best of all, just imagine….not only are you supporting a fantastic cause but you are paying for the pleasure of vicariously inflicting pain on me!!Please donate generously – it really does mean an awful lot.So please dig deep and donate now.Thanks

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What a week-end!

Well I can honestly say that this weekend was far from normal! After the fun and games of the weigh-in on Friday night and the terrifying prospect of being publicly weighed in front of hundreds of people, the main event took place at the Hotel de France on Saturday! I can honestly say I have never, and will never again, experience a night like it - a quite electrifying atmosphere and a cacophony of sound! All the guys did us proud and for me, its been an honour and a privilege to have trained with you. As for the result, well that was fairly incidental - I got a fortunate points decision but I salute each and every individual who had the courage and determination to have got into that ring on Saturday night. Between us we will have raised a significant sum of money for a brilliant cause - for young people who show more courage and determination each and every day than any of us could even begin to contemplate - you are the true fighters. Finally, may a say a huge thank you to Ben Murray, Alan, Tony and Gerry and all the boys for taking us on this journey. In the words of that great thespian Vinnie Jones "its been emotional"!


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Name Amount Date Comment
Claire Godman-Dorington £20.00 29/07/11

Very impressed that you managed to cope with all that training and even more impressed that you won!!! What next???? The mind boggles.... xxx

Darren Short £20.00 19/07/11

Well done Paul and all for a good cause. Shorty.

David Bentley £20.00 19/07/11

Antonia Hardy £50.00 18/07/11

Well done Paul!

Amy Benest £20.00 18/07/11

Mark Lewis £100.00 18/07/11

Congratulations on a great accomplishment Paul. When do we get to see the art work?

Juliette Harrhy £50.00 18/07/11

Well done! Can't wait to see the youtube clips. Kids were rooting for you from "over here". Juliette, Will & Eliza

Robin Rathmell £100.00 15/07/11

Peter Langton £50.00 13/07/11

Good luck. Next stop Klitschko!

JONATHAN WHEELER £20.00 12/07/11

Good luck; all in a great cause (and I don't mean hitting an estate agent).

Alice Yeung £50.00 08/07/11

Jonathan Heaney £50.00 08/07/11

Shelley Lindsay £75.00 08/07/11

Magdalena Prokopowicz £20.00 04/07/11

Good luck Paul and all the very best on your special day. Keep my fingers crossed for you.

Gail Cochrane £50.00 02/07/11

Simon Stuttaford £15.00 02/07/11

Love the photos Paul-stick with it boy! Simon

Russell Homer £50.00 30/06/11

A worthwhile cause - Good luck ! Russell

Neil Chesterton £30.00 29/06/11

This is the first time I've sponsored a boxer - sounds more painful than triathlon. Good luck!

Jonny Richardson £30.00 29/06/11

Good effort Paul, lets hope you havent got Frank Brunos glass jaw!

Nick Adams £20.00 28/06/11


Kathleen McGee £20.00 28/06/11

Andy Randall £50.00 28/06/11


Rowan Heaney £20.00 28/06/11

Angela Day £50.00 24/06/11

We wish good luck and hope training is going well!!! The Day household

Jacqueline Sugden £50.00 23/06/11

...we can only hope that it makes some improvement to your face :D

Simon Dibble £10.00 17/06/11

Marco Bonalanza £50.00 16/06/11

I wouldn't do that, believe me. Either your dad is right or you really should have found another suitable way to get fit for summer :-) All the best man!

Anonymous £10.00 16/06/11

Sven Tiefenthal £50.00 14/06/11

For England

Matthew Wisbey £20.00 08/06/11

Nutski, good to see you are living up to your name! Trust you will be posting the fight on youtube in due course...good luck! Matt

SABRY SALMAN £30.00 07/06/11

"I am built for love not boxing!" - Ha Ha,so funny, good luck and such a super cause

Jayne Coppin £20.00 07/06/11

Bruce Lincoln £50.00 06/06/11

If you knew what I know..... Remember, just keep swinging!!

Michael Weston £50.00 06/06/11

Boxing lawyers - should be televised. Very best of luck

Kate Ozwell £50.00 05/06/11

"I done wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale; handcuffed lightning, thrown thunder in jail; only last week, I murdered a rock, injured a stone, hospitalised a brick; I'm so mean I make medicine sick." Ali 1974

Cosimo Borrelli £150.00 02/06/11

Hugh Jones £50.00 02/06/11

Good luck Paul from the Boot Camp Jersey Team

Michelle Carter £50.00 02/06/11

Laurence O' Donnell £50.00 01/06/11

Good luck with this "adventure"

Robin Ovenden £10.00 01/06/11

Good luck Paul...give em hell!

Grant Stein £100.00 01/06/11

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

Damian Evans £50.00 01/06/11

Good luck Paul. no doubt you will be taking inspiration from the "Hayemaker" on 2nd July! Will hopefully be there for moral support - or at least to buy you a beer afterwards!

Christian Hay £50.00 01/06/11

As soon as the bell goes, stick your nut on him. That usually works for me .....

Darren Bacon £50.00 01/06/11

Paul, good luck to you!

Nick and Lizzie £30.00 01/06/11

You're gonna eat lightnin' and you're gonna crap thunder!

Julie Melia £50.00 31/05/11

Just had to be first ! Good luck Paul, always the one for the mad stunts but if you must have your face rearranged its a top cause to do it for......

Richard Michel £50.00 31/05/11

Well done Paul. Rather you than me.

helen hatton £100.00 31/05/11

What some people will do to get down and dirty with a Royal Marine instructor! HH

Catherine Ross £150.00 31/05/11

Good on you Paul!

Guy Morris £30.00 31/05/11

Feel the red mist!

Beth Harris £20.00 31/05/11

Best of luck! At least you're putting your insanity to good use!!!

David Nicholls £50.00 31/05/11

I hope someone knocks sense in you. I never in all those years. Dad

Chris Lambourne £15.00 31/05/11

Do the opponents bid to fight a lawyer?

Emma Nicholls £30.00 31/05/11

Great cause, great effort. Looking forward to flying over and supporting you. Emma

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