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  • Online donations: £2,200.00
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The Who.com and Teenage Cancer Trust are very excited to announce Who Cares, a brand new fundraising initiative for fans of The Who.


Roger Daltrey has been a patron of Teenage Cancer Trust for over 10 years and, with Pete Townshend at his side, giving his full support, has helped raise millions of pounds for the charity. Now Roger and Pete are encouraging all their fans to get behind Teenage Cancer Trust by signing up for WHO CARES.

Talking about the charity, Roger said: “At a time when your body is changing, your social life is everything and you’re still trying to figure out who you are, getting cancer can seem like an impossible blow to take. But thanks to Teenage Cancer Trust, thousands of teenagers are taking it, and coming out fighting.

“I hope that our fans will really get behind Who Cares and do their bit to make a difference to young people living with cancer. Your support will help Teenage Cancer Trust to build enough specialist units so that by 2012 every single teenager will be treated on one, giving them the very best chance of a positive outcome. Let’s show them Who Cares!”

You can donate here today and join other fans in support of Who Cares, or you can start your own fundraiser and create your own page by cutting and pasting this link into your address bar: (https://www.teenagecancertrust.org/get-involved/as-a-fundraiser/fundraisers/propose/)

Don't Forget to write Who Cares in the title followed by your name so we can update this page!

Roger is encouraging all his fans to get behind Teenage Cancer Trust by signing up for Who Cares: “We don’t just talk about change – we make it happen. Thanks for supporting Teenage Cancer Trust.”

Who's made a donation?

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Anonymous £301.00 02/03/14

Happy Birthday Roger Daltrey!

Anonymous £100.00 24/12/13

Keep on climbing your Mountain.

Anonymous £519.00 19/05/13

Kids shall reign over the land. And the Kids shall remain Kids..... THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT! (Happy Bday PE T and kudos to RO D, KE M, JO E)

My Spence £300.00 09/04/13

In memory of James Vaughan.

Walter Koziar £10.00 25/02/13

Roger and Pete: You're just always there. god bless you.

Ryan Duffy £10.00 15/02/13

Who Cares - Great charity idea guys. Loved the Vegas show. Looking forward to Hamilton. Cheers.

Anonymous £100.00 24/12/12

In honor of Rey, Al as well as www.teammikeysway.com "always be uplifting"

Anonymous £20.00 21/12/12

Susan Leonis £200.00 29/11/12

Count on chicago to help.

John Perry £50.00 22/11/12

Thank you to The Who for their great show in Ottawa and for bringing attention and support for your cause.

Anonymous £50.00 26/09/12

Valerie Johnson £20.00 15/07/10

Amy & Rob, Congratulations on your wedding. Wishing you every happiness. Love from Val, Cliff & family

Sara Novelli £10.00 01/03/10

Happy birthday, Roger Daltrey!

Hedi Zladuschka £30.00 08/01/10

Arnie Goldstein £300.00 19/12/09

Peter Way-Rider £20.00 17/12/09

This is a FANtastic for all followers of THE WHO to show what we are made off. If 100,000 of us each gave £20 (that's less that half of the cost of a ticket to see THE WHO) we would raise £2 million even before Gift Aid. I know we are in difficult times at the moment but at least most of us still have our health and a lot to look forward to, so come on guys/gals get to it

Ian Brookfield £20.00 15/12/09

John Standerline £20.00 15/12/09

Donna Blackney £120.00 30/11/09 Have a great time! Best wishes, Donna

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