Other ways to give

There are many other ways you can give to Teenage Cancer Trust, and support the work we do.

Text to donate

Please text TEEN to 70300 to donate £3 to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Teenage Cancer Trust will receive 100% of every donation. You will be charged £3 plus your standard network message rate.

Sponsor a challenge participant

Each year, our Challenges raise over £500,000 and help us to continue with our vital work. Hundreds of people take part in a variety of challenges on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust whether it’s a local fun run, a trek to Guatemala or a six day marathon across the Sahara desert.

Sell merchandise at your event

Have you ever considered asking your friends and family members to make a donation to Teenage Cancer Trust instead of receiving gifts? Think of Teenage Cancer Trust when you are planning your next special occasion. Donations in lieu of gifts can be very successful and rewarding at birthdays, weddings, wedding anniversaries and many other special occasions.

Teenage Cancer Trust can provide you with information and envelopes for you to distribute, which can be returned directly to the charity.

Share giving

Giving shares to charity is not a new idea, but since April 2000, there is a new tax incentive to make share giving even more attractive. Individuals who give shares to charity are entitled to claim back full tax relief against the value of those shares. So a gift of shares worth £1,000 will only cost a higher rate taxpayer £600, or £780 for lower rate taxpayers and furthermore, no capital gains tax will apply.

There are many reasons why giving shares might appeal to you. You might hold windfall shares as a result of a privatisation or demutualisation that are effectively gathering dust, making little difference to you, but they could make a big difference to a charity. Or, you may own small parcels of shares, perhaps as a result of an inheritance that you regard as a bit of a nuisance as they generate more paperwork than income. These could be turned into something of real value to others by donating these shares to charity.

How does share giving work? Tax relief is available to UK taxpayers donating shares and securities listed on the UK Stock Market, the Alternative Investment Market, and recognised stock exchanges overseas. It is also available for units in a UK unit trust, shares in a UK open-ended investment company (OEIC), and some similar foreign investments.

You can claim tax relief equal to the market value of the shares on the day you make the gift, together with any associated costs such as brokers' fees. Furthermore, capital gains tax (CGT) on any increase in the value of the shares since you bought them, will not apply. However, if your shares have gone down in value, you should be aware that you will not be able to use this loss to offset any other CGT liability you may have.

Information taken from the government’s giving campaign website.

Gifts of land or property

Further to the 2002 Budget, donors who give real property (land or buildings) to charity are eligible for full tax relief from income and capital gains tax. Similarly to share giving, donors are entitled to claim relief for the full market value of the property donated.

Do people really give houses to charity? Yes. This tax relief is open to individuals and companies, You would be surprised how many people have given to charity in this way. Whether it be a plot of land that you no longer use, or something on a grander scale, this tax relief applies to any property, providing that the whole interest is donated and the charity agrees to accept it.

Information taken from the government’s giving campaign website.

Trusts and grants and major donations

If you are a charitable trust that is considering making a donation to Teenage Cancer Trust then please get in touch. We need your help to continue our vital work. We rely on major donations to help us build units around the country, fund our teenage and professional conferences, our education team, our patient and family scheme and other services. You can help us make a difference to the lives of thousands of teenagers with cancer and to future generations.

Set up a regular gift today

Teenage Cancer Trust exists to improve the quality of life and chances of survival for young people with cancer. We rely completely on donations from people like you to fund our vital work.

A regular gift of just £5 a month will help us provide the best possible care and support for young people with cancer.

It's one of the most effective ways of supporting Teenage Cancer Trust, and helps us plan ahead to provide vital services now and in the future


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