What is TYAC? 'Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer' (TYAC) was established to help all professionals involved in the care of young people with cancer to work together to improve knowledge and services

What does TYAC do?

TYAC raises awareness of the need to provide appropriate care for young people by:

  • Improving communication between stake holders
  • Advocating for teenagers and young adults and professionals
  • Promoting research, education and information

What activities does TYAC offer?

TYAC offers:

  • National conferences
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Meetings between professionals
  • Website
  • Weekly e-bulletin
  • Newsletter for members

How is TYAC funded?

TYAC is supported by Teenage Cancer Trust and CLIC Sargent, as well as by membership subscriptions.

How is TYAC organised?

TYAC has a Board of Members who oversee the activities of the association. The part-time TYAC Co-ordinator supports the activities of TYAC. TYAC has five working subgroups through which it works to achieve its aims:

  • Communication, Information and Resources
  • Multi-disciplinary Forum
  • Professional Education
  • Research and Registration
  • Service Development

Who can join?

TYAC is a membership organisation open to all disciplines working with teenagers and young adults with cancer. TYAC welcomes overseas professionals as International members.

How do I join?

Annual membership is £20 and you can find out how to apply for membership here: www.tyac.org.uk