Although not a research charity, Teenage Cancer Trust has both direct and indirect involvement in research issues concerning cancer and young people.

Professor of Teenage Cancer Medicine

We fund the country’s first Professor of Teenage Cancer Medicine who leads research into why young people get cancer and how best to treat it, ultimately improving diagnosis, treatment and survival rates.

Recent projects and research

  • Delays in diagnosing teenagers and young adults with cancer
  • Psychological well-being and assessment
  • Independent evaluations of current services and pilots
  • The Impact of the Built Environment
  • National Clinical Research Institute Projects
  • Managing symptoms by mobile phone
  • Organisers of cancer clinical trials are neglecting teenagers and young adults

Teenage and young adult cancer research at University of Leeds

For over three years, Teenage Cancer Trust has part-funded Dr Dan Stark, Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds to work on teenage and young adult cancer research.

With Teenage Cancer Trust funding this successful programme, Dr Stark has shared research findings both locally, nationally and internationally, including the publication of over 10 articles about issues for Teenage and Young Adult Cancer.

Dan's work has been used to inform national policy and practice in teenage and young adult cancer care. These activities aim to support improvements in survival rates, increase the understanding of why young people get cancer, improve access to clinical trials and enhance scientific knowledge and care delivered by others.

Dan is also working with Teenage Cancer Trust on developing research and research strategy to assist in a targeted approach to research spending; as well as working collaboratively with the National Cancer Research Institute group for TYA to secure research funding for a range of TYA projects.

In his role as Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology at St James's University Hospital, our funding helps Dan to be able to continue: - Providing personalised care for young people, ensuring access to clinical trials and the best technical and supportive care - Providing local clinical leadership, to develop the best clinical service for TYA locally, nationally and internationally - Leading in education and training about TYA, including for junior doctors and medical students and developing a professional training structure for the specialism of TYA cancer care

Teenage Cancer Trust funding ensures Dr Stark can continue to promote and develop excellence in TYA cancer care locally, nationally and internationally.

Funded research projects

Teenage Cancer Trust has allocated small grants for research projects that enhance the services and support to teenagers and young adults with cancer and their families.

A recent research project involved jointly funding an evaluation project with the Knowledge Transfer Partnership to help evaluation the investments that we make. Dr Carole Wright (PhD) carried out this research which involved interviewing young people, along with their friends and family and a range of staff who work in and around the specialist units.

Teenage Cancer Trust policy on animal testing in cancer research

Teenage Cancer Trust is primarily a service delivery organization, developing ways of providing the best possible care and professional support for young people with cancer. We allocate a small percentage of our funds to research projects aimed at improving treatment and reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy but do not fund any animal testing.

Interested in research?

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