Friday 17th January 2020

Ben Sundell, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Teenage Cancer Trust said:  

“As an organisation who supports 13-24s with cancer, we want girls and young women to be equipped with the knowledge to recognise the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer, allowing them to access support early. When young women are then eligible to access cervical cancer screening, it must be as easy as possible and we would like to see the opportunity for them to access HPV self-sampling.”

“We also encourage all young women and men who are eligible to take up the HPV vaccine to do so, as this can aid protection against cervical, and other HPV related cancers. Since 2019, the free vaccine has been offered to 11-13 year old boys however around a million older boys in school are still missing out. We want the Government to extend the free vaccine to young men up to the age of 25, with a view to further reducing the numbers of HPV-related cancers in both men and women.”