Friday 14th February 2020

In response to the study, published in The Lancet Oncology, Dr Louise Soanes, Director of Services for Teenage Cancer Trust, said:

"Research into teenage and young adult cancer is limited so any study on this scale is beneficial. However, there are two major limitations to this research. This study is based on historical data, and as the authors themselves recognise, treatments have improved significantly over the last 30 years and as a result, the experience and survival for many young people has improved considerably. Secondly, the study uses data from the USA and Canada – but as the UK provides and delivers care in a very different way, UK and US models of care cannot be compared. 

"Thirty years ago, Teenage Cancer Trust established its pioneering specialist cancer services which provide teenagers and young adults with age appropriate care designed specifically for their unique needs. This, coupled with access to innovative new treatments, has helped thousands of young people and their families. What’s key now, is to ensure that these services are offered to all young people with cancer and that the service is continually monitored and developed to provide high quality care for young people with cancer in years to come."