Friday 31st July 2020


Ben Sundell, Head of Policy and Public Affairs, Teenage Cancer Trust, said:

"This Saturday, many young people with cancer, will see shielding guidance paused, allowing them to experience the freedoms that so many have been longing for over the last four months. However, overnight, parts of northern England tightened restrictions to prevent the spread of coronavirus, placing young people in these areas back into isolation to protect their health.

"We know that because of the pandemic, young people with cancer are feeling more isolated than ever. Our recent survey showed that many attribute feelings of loneliness and distress directly to the pandemic. Nearly all (88%) young people we spoke to, said they had been affected by shielding and over half said they had tried and struggled, to access psychological support during the pandemic – something we are very concerned about.

"The need for urgent and on-going psychological support has never been greater for this vulnerable group of young people. Local lockdowns and other measures are an indication that the Government takes preventing the spread of coronavirus seriously, so we urge the Government to be as proactive when facing up to the associated health costs – like mental health - of the pandemic. They must ensure every young person with cancer can access psychological support as soon as they need it."