Friday 7th October 2016

To encourage more research which is focussed on what matters to people affected by Teenage and Young Adult (TYA) cancer and the professionals who work with them, We've teamed up with Children with Cancer UK and CLIC Sargent to fund a James Lind Alliance (JLA) priority setting partnership. Patientsfamiliesfriendscarers and professionals are invited to take part and submit questions they think are important about TYA cancer but which have not yet been answered by research. Submitted questions will be ranked by patients, families and professionals in a prioritisation process, guided by the JLA. The end result will be a ‘top ten’ list of research priorities and unanswered questions that will steer areas for future high quality research about TYA cancer. The survey will be open until the 31 December 2016.

Have your say about what research you think is important by completing this survey.

Siobhan Dunn, our Chief Executive, said:

This is a crucially important survey. It is of vital importance that we bring together the views of young people with cancer along with their family members, friends, carers and clinicians to prioritise research areas and make sure young people have access to the best treatments, care and support. As the only charity in the UK dedicated exclusively to teenage and young adult cancer care, we are so pleased to support the James Lind Alliance and eagerly await the findings.

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