Friday 26th June 2015

They were joined by over 20 young people with cancer receiving treatment at Teenage Cancer Trust units across the North West, who shopped for new outfits and had the chance to kick back and relax at the Hawaiian-style Tiki bar.

Mandy and Katie, both from Blackpool, were diagnosed with skin cancer last year.  At the event they spoke about how their experiences have changed their relationship with the sun.

I had a mole on my leg that got larger and went darker over 6 months, 

said 23 year old Mandy.

When it turned out to be skin cancer, all I could think of was my daughter, who was 7 months old at the time. When I went to see the specialist I tried to prepare myself for this news, but nothing ever prepares you to find out that you have cancer. It has been nearly a year since I was diagnosed, and I have only recently felt comfortable leaving the house in a t-shirt.

Katie, 19, said: “When I was diagnosed I felt scared and shocked, and it almost seemed not real. I couldn't believe it after never using sun beds or being badly burnt, it was a bit like a whirlwind.  My moles are now checked every 3 months. I am a lot more paranoid and cautious now, but I haven't let it stop me from enjoying myself and do have a holiday planned this year. On holiday and whenever we have some sun here, I am always covered up and wearing factor 50. It's important to be very careful!” 

OUTFIT’s Liverpool store teamed up with St. Moriz fake tan to offer lucky shoppers expert tanning treatment in return for a donation to Teenage Cancer Trust. Staff also gave out safety advice on how to stay sun-savvy this summer and keep skin protected against harmful UV-rays.

Stylish limited edition sunglasses were also on sale, with proceeds going directly to support the charity’s work with young people affected with cancer across the Liverpool area.

OUTFIT’s Shunburn event followed Teenage Cancer Trust’s shocking revelation last month that in the UK over a third of young people aged 13-24 do not use sun protection because they don’t believe the sun is strong enough to damage their skin; despite incidences of malignant melanoma rising faster than any of the current top 10 cancers.

In addition, while 50% of people said that they spent more than 2 hours a day sunbathing on holiday, around 20% of 13-24 year olds admitted that they don’t use suncream because it would stop them getting a deep tan.

Susie Rice, Head of Education and Awareness at Teenage Cancer Trust, said:

It has been a great day for raising awareness about staying safe in the sun this summer, at home and abroad.  OUTFIT have helped us get our message across and provided shoppers with a safer way to get a golden glow this summer thanks to St Moriz fake tan!

It is of course important to enjoy those lazy summer days but it is vitally important to avoid getting your skin burnt by the sun. It takes just a few minutes to apply sun cream or cover up, which could save someone from the devastating and life changing experience of a skin cancer diagnosis.

Download our free sun safety teaching pack which fits in with the National Curriculum.

Stay safe and avoid the pain and shame of the lobster look by following Teenage Cancer Trust’s 5 simple steps.