Wednesday 14th October 2020

In response to the publication of the latest Local Covid Alert Level guidance for the clinically extremely vulnerable,  Dr Louise Soanes, Director of Services for Teenage Cancer Trust, said:

“For young people with cancer, coronavirus has led to an increased sense of isolation and anxiety.  With the new localised guidance for those vulnerable to coronavirus we worry that without on-going psychological support, young people’s mental health will continue to suffer. 

“Cancer at any age can be devastating, but because of the emotional and developmental changes they are already going through, young people who develop cancer are often hit the hardest psychologically. They have the trauma of a cancer diagnosis, the effects of treatment and since March of this year, many have increased anxiety attributed to the risks of a global pandemic. 

“Access to psychological support was a struggle even before Coronavirus. This is why we are asking that specialist psychological support is urgently made more available to coincide with any localised restrictions.”