Wednesday 8th July 2015


Including both the cost of creating the unit and the team specialist staff, we've put £812,000 into the new facilities at QMC and the opening was the final phase in a multi-million pound investment we've made in young people's cancer services across the East Midlands. We've also set up a 5 bed specialist unit at Leicester Royal Infirmary for 13-24 year olds and a 4 bed unit at Nottingham City Hospital for 19-24 year olds and we now need to raise £800 a day to maintain the services in the area.

Long-term honorary patron of Teenage Cancer Trust, Sarah, Duchess of York, said:

I've been a Teenage Cancer Trust patron for 25 years and I can't believe how much the charity has achieved, building and opening 28 specialist cancer units up and down the country. Having cancer is horrendous at any age but to be diagnosed as a teenager or young adult is particularly brutal. I know this new unit will make the treatment for local young people and their families and friends that little bit more bearable.

Around 150 young people from Derby, Leicester, Lincoln, Northampton, Nottingham and surrounding areas are diagnosed with cancer each year.

The new unit is located within Nottingham University Hospital’s children’s oncology ward, E39. A team of young cancer patients were involved with the overall design, which includes and 3 bed bay and 2 private rooms with en suite bathrooms and sofa beds for family and friends to stay overnight. There's also bespoke furniture, wall art, mood lighting, TV and DVD players and a large social area where young people can play computer games, listen to music, or watch films on the latest Smart TVs. There is also a dedicated room for complementary therapies and a quiet room for patients and family.

A team of specialist doctors, nurses and youth support staff, who are all experts in teenage and young adult cancer care, will also be on hand. We're funding 3 posts: a lead nurse, a youth support coordinator and a complementary therapist.

It's a massive achievement that Teenage Cancer Trust have built, and also maintain, 28 specialist units in NHS hospitals across the UK. I've been there every step of the way because I've seen the enormous difference these services make to young cancer patients and the nurses that care for them. However we still have a long way to go before every young cancer patient in the UK is cared for in this way.

- Roger Daltrey CBE

Siobhan Dunn, Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust, said: "This new unit is something to be very proud of and will help us support more young people with cancer across East Midlands. We're also very much hoping that local communities and businesses will continue to support us as we need to raise a £800 a day to maintain our services here."