Tuesday 16th September 2014

The money was given through nearly 340,000 donations and will be spent on 4 key areas of our work. In partnership with Stephen’s family, we’re also continuing the Stephen’s Story Fund so that those inspired by Stephen can continue to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust in his name.

£2.9 million will be invested in specialist cancer units

Stephen had all of his treatment in Teenage Cancer Trust units but not every young person has this chance. Thanks to your support we’ll be building or improving 8 Teenage Cancer Trust units for young people with cancer across 7 cities - Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Oxford, Nottingham and Sheffield. This includes investment in 2 brand new units and 6 current Teenage Cancer Trust units in need of refurbishment or replacement.

£1.2 million will be invested to support vital research and train professionals who work with teenagers and young adults with cancer

Young people need expert and specialist care so it’s great to be able to provide more training and development to all medical professionals who work with teenagers and young adults with cancer such as nurses, doctors, youth support workers, counsellors and psychologists. This includes funding for Stephen Sutton Scholarships for the Postgraduate Certificate in Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Care at Coventry University over 5 years in recognition of Stephen’s ambition to have a medical career. We’ll also be able to fund research and development posts at the National Cancer Research Institute’s Teenage and Young Adult Clinical Studies Group and the National Cancer Intelligence Network. This will mean we can continue to coordinate and identify key areas of research that will be vital to young people with cancer.

£500,000 will be invested in information services about cancer for young patients

Stephen showed us the power of digital communication and its relevance for young people, so we’ll invest in a new digital platform to help young people easily find all of the information they need about cancer. The platform will also help young cancer patients connect with each other and support each other online. We’ll also develop printed information for newly diagnosed patients as there are some critical gaps in this area.

£200,000 to help patients attend Find Your Sense of Tumour

Our weekend conference, Find Your Sense of Tumour, is an event that brings together 300 young people with cancer to learn, make friends, share experiences, build confidence and have fun. Stephen said that attending this event played a very important role in how he viewed his cancer. For the first time, we’ll now be able to commit to paying the travel costs for 1,500 young patients attending Find Your Sense of Tumour over the next 5 years.

Siobhan Dunn, Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust said:

Stephen trusted us to spend the money well and to ‘keep doing what we do’ and this is reflected in our plans. However, Stephen has also allowed us to be more ambitious and we will do more in the next five years than ever before. Stephen’s Story will help us reach some huge milestones for young people with cancer across the UK but we know that for every young person we can help, there’s another we can’t so there remains much more to do. Stephen’s gift to a charity of our size is more than money – the awareness raised of cancer in young people and new supporters inspired by Stephen will be essential if we are to help every young person with cancer who needs us. “We have worked hard to make sure Stephen’s money makes a difference now and in the years to come for young people with cancer in the UK. We also wanted to make sure that everyone who has been inspired by Stephen can continue to fundraise in his name.