Wednesday 3rd March 2021


Kate Collins, Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust, said:

“It is incredibly disappointing to see no mention of investment in cancer services in today’s Budget – or of much needed support for the charity sector which plays a critical role in the care & support for millions of people with cancer in the UK. The Budget does not appear to address the pressures facing cancer services across the UK and, as we emerge from this phase of the pandemic we must do all we can to prevent further damage and disruption to cancer services.

“Young people with cancer have been heavily impacted by the pandemic – it has hugely increased their isolation and anxiety, placing greater demand on our support services. Many have told us they are struggling to access specialist psychological support in the NHS. Additional funding to reduce waiting times for mental health services is welcome but it is vital that young people with cancer are not forgotten. The NHS and the charity sector needs sustained investment and support to ensure that we can help play our part in the national recovery.”