Wednesday 5th September 2018


Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, has announced that children and young people with leukaemia will begin to receive CAR-T therapy, a groundbreaking cancer treatment.

CAR-T therapy is a breakthrough new treatment, specifically designed for each individual patient. 

It involves taking cells from a patient's own immune system and reprogramming them to target cancer. Clinical trials have shown CAR-T therapy to cure some patients, including those with advanced cancers where other treatments have failed. 

Tanya Curry, Interim Director of Services at Teenage Cancer Trust, said: 

We're delighted to see new treatments being developed for young people with cancer. This new CAR-T therapy includes young people up to the age of 25, which is fantastic. Teenage Cancer Trust is committed to working with the NHS through our funded specialist units and staff to ensure young people with cancer get access to all clinically relevant treatments approved for the NHS.

Find out more about the CAR-T therapy and how it works on NHS England's website.