Monday 18th July 2016

Mike Tomkins Chairman of MandM Direct said "I approached Teenage Cancer Trust in 2005 after being inspired by what Roger Daltery had achieved with the concert fundraising. Our company like the music industry earns some of its profits through sales to teenagers. I wanted to create something similar through clothing and footwear sales through our website."

It feels fantastic that we have broken the £1 million barrier! We are committed to keep our fundraising exploits for the charity’s to the next million!

To help mark this incredible milestone MandM Direct want you to #TurnBackTen and share your flashbacks from 10 years ago!

Time to dig out those old photos because for every tweet, Facebook, or Instagram post with #TurnBackTen tagging MandM Direct before Sunday 31 July they'll donate £1 to keep that total growing even higher. 

Not only that but if you let them know why you chose that photo they'll enter you into a competition to win £500 worth of vouchers. Full terms and conditions.

Back when MandM Direct started supporting us we only had 4 units across the country, thanks to their amazing help and that of our awesome supporters, we're now at 28. 

One of the units in particular that they have supported was the development of our Bristol facility at the Heamatology and Oncology Centre. In fact, £250,000 of the money raised by MandM Direct went to support this new facility which opened in March 2014. 

Heena, 23, has seen the benefit of this directly as having been treated on an adult unit in Bath later moved to the new unit in Bristol;

"I didn’t meet anyone at Bath my age or near my age as the patients where a lot older. When the treatment changed I found the ward at the hospital hard to be on. I felt alone isolated and I also struggled with food and I got quite upset a lot of the time. From this I moved to the TYA unit in Bristol where it couldn’t have been a better move. I feel supported, I have made friends with other young people going through cancer and if I have to go in for a stay at the hospital I feel more ok with it compared to Bath".

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