Wednesday 25th October 2017

East Midlands

The Hogarth Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Nottingham City Hospital provides expert care for 19-24 year-olds, and boasts 4 in-patient beds and dedicated day-care facilities. All bedrooms have bespoke furniture, TV and gaming facilities, and the bright and colourful social space boasts pool table jukebox, comfy seating and a kitchen area.

These little touches are designed to make the unit feel more like a home from home than a hospital ward. The unit brings young people together in a comfortable space so they feel less alone and can support each other through their treatment. Teenage Cancer Trust also funds a lead nurse, Youth Support Coordinator and complementary therapist, who understand the unique support young people with cancer need. 

Vicky spent time with patients and their families, hearing about the difference the charity and the specialist unit has made to them. Vicky said:

It is a huge honour, to say the least, to be part of this. Five years on, it's amazing to see how much Teenage Cancer Trust has grown and how much the charity does for the patients and their families. For the teenagers in there, having that kind of environment during their treatment, it massively helps them.

Simon Fuller, Director of Services for Teenage Cancer Trust, said: "Vicky has really flown the flag for Teenage Cancer Trust in the East Midlands, so it's wonderful that she could join us today and see the support our team provides for young people on the unit she officially opened. There is, however, still much more to do and for every young person we help, there is another we can't. We need the ongoing support of the local community to help us expand our work to reach every young person in the region who needs us."

The Nottingham born, BAFTA winning actress is an official ambassador of the charity and has been a champion for Teenage Cancer Trust’s work in the East Midlands. In addition to Nottingham City, the charity has also developed specialist cancer units within Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham and Leicester Royal Infirmary.