Teenage Cancer Trust launches #ResultsRedefined

Wed 15 Aug '18

When you go through cancer treatment at the same time as taking your exams, you know that some things matter more than your final grade. Ahead of A Level and GCSE Results 2018, we're changing the conversation about exam results with our new campaign, #ResultsRedefined.


Rebecca backs initiative to educate teenagers on the HPV Vaccine

Fri 13 Oct '17

In 2013, Rebecca from Derby was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After her daughter was offered the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination last year, Rebecca needed to explain to her the link between HPV and cervical cancer. Rebecca is now backing the new initiative launched by Teenage Cancer Trust and Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust to educate teenagers on HPV, and how the vaccine and regular screenings can reduce the risk of cervical cancer.


UK sun a real pain in the neck for young people

Fri 12 Aug '16

Slap and dash sunscreen use sees 16-24 year olds burning to be beautiful