It's not about us

Our supporters make our work possible. They give money, time and energy because they are motivated to help young people face cancer. Our approach to inspiring people to support holds this at its heart. We know that the most powerful messages aren't what we say as an organisation but the things the young people, their family and friends say about how our work makes a difference.

Supporters not donors

Donations are essential but we never call our supporters 'donors'. Our supporters give the time, energy, voice, networks, recommendations and money that we would not have without them. If we define our supporters purely as 'donors' we are saying that money is all we value. It is not.


Trust is a gift

People give because of people. All aspects of succesful fundraising rely on relationships and we must never lose sight of this. Our supporters trust us to spend their donations in the best interests of young people with cancer. We set our fundraising targets based on what the charity needs to deliver services - not so we can grow the organisation - and we always put donations to work as quickly as possible.

Fearless fundraising

We are never afraid to ask for help in support of our work. Young people with cancer need us to be confident at inspiring support we always take no - or 'not now' - for an answer. We believe that informing people about the treatment, care and support we provide and our reliance on fundraising is fundamental to our ability to continue to help young people.

We never expect anyone we have helped to fundraise for us but we don't shy away from making sure our needs are communicated on the front-line of service delivery - as well as more broadly - so that people have a choice and a chance to support us.

Real, not scripted

The job of fundraising messaging and images is to communicate the difference that support makes and to motiviate people to support young people with cancer. We don't duck the harsh realities of cancer but always remember "young person first, cancer patient second" and never position young people as 'victims'.

The stories young people share are real, unscripted and never told by models or actors. They are personal stories, never case studies.

It's good to talk

We must keep supporters up to date on how their support is changing the lives of young people with cancer across the UK. We say thank you quickly and well and do everything we can to communicate in ways that work for our supporters. We always act if supporters need us to change the way we are communicating with them. 

We share news and updates more often that we ask for support and we only get in touch with people when we know they are happy to hear from us. We keep personal data and information safe, secure and confidential within Teenage Cancer Trust.