Thursday 21st July 2016

20 singers feature on 'Champion' including Basement Jaxx regulars Brendan Reilly and Vula Malinga. Plus Melissa Cavanagh from Team Boy George on The Voice, who has been a supporter since overcoming Hodgkin's lymphoma aged 13; and newcomer Gina Maloney who, having been diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2011, was treated on our unit at The Christie in Manchester.

Being treated on a Teenage Cancer Trust unit made things seem a little more normal. It was all very positive and I really thought the nurses were great and would always make sure I was comfortable. I remember how pleased I was when I would be going through the corridor to the unit and immediately feel a sense of relief that I no longer had to put on a brave face or pretend that I wasn't scared because I could be myself. Which, in the end, made me a better person as I learned how strong I could be, thanks Teenage Cancer Trust.

They perform alongside a choir including London 2012 volunteers, members of Gospel Essence, London House Cats Choir and Vision and children from Hackney Council's Young Hackney.

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The release of 'Champion' coincides with the anniversary of London 2012's Olympic Opening Ceremony on Wednesday 27 July 2016. 'Champion' is an anthem of unity, hope and positivity, celebrating the legacy of an event that united the country and placed us at the centre of a buzzing international community.

The track is in aid of us and dedicated to Stephen Sutton MBE, who performed with the drummers at Wembley Stadium for the UEFA Champions League Ceremony in May 2013. 

As the Olympic Games come back into world media spotlight, 'Champion' is a chance to celebrate and showcase the ongoing legacy of the volunteers from all the ceremonies, which were enjoyed by audiences internationally.

Felix Buxton, producer and member of the internationally known duo Basement Jaxx, said:

"I was glad to be involved as the song is for a worthwhile charity that is active in helping and healing young people. The song features two individuals who have themselves been struck by cancer and the song is written by one of the drummers who was seeking to capture the spirit of unity he felt being a volunteer as part of the Olympic Ceremony in 2012."

Kate Collins, our Director of Fundraising & Marketing said:

"Music is at the heart of Teenage Cancer Trust and the young people we support. We're so grateful to Felix, the Pandemonium Drummers, Gina and Melissa and everyone else who was involved in the making of the track. It is particularly special as it is dedicated to the inspirational Stephen Sutton, who was made the only Honorary Pandemonium Drummer back in 2013.

"At the moment, for every young person Teenage Cancer Trust is able to reach, there’s another we can’t. This must change. Funds raised from the sales of the track will help us take a step closer to being able to support every young person with cancer who needs us."

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