Sunday 24th April 2016

As you've seen in these blogs this week, every day at the Royal Albert Hall we welcome young people from our units around the country to come and take part in our music workshops at the venue. Yesterday was no different but this time their New Order-inspired songs would then be performed in front of the band when they came up to see how they'd got on!

First up on stage for the gig itself was Roisin Murphy who was absolutely incredible and somehow managed to change outfit, while performing, half way through every song.

Earlier in the day when asked what advice she'd give her 16 year old self, she said:

The weirder you are now, the happier you'll be later.

Next on the stage was the main event itself, New Order!

With one of the most impressive and colourful light shows we've seen at the Royal Albert Hall, New Order played through a storming set of new music and older favourites. I think it's fairly safe to say they had the best encore too and gave real meaning to the phrase 'saving the best 'til last' with the anthemic Blue Monday and Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart which had all the crowd singing back at the band - what an amazing way to bring the show to a close!

Tonight is our finale with the legendary David Gilmour!