Our Youth Advisory Group

Our new group is made up of 24 young people with experience of cancer and Teenage Cancer Trust from around the UK. They’ll be giving us their no-filter, no-holds-barred views to make our support for young people with cancer even better.

It's a genuine opportunity for change and an incredible opportunity for young people to make a difference.  Each member will stay in the group for two years, attending three dynamic meet-ups across the UK per year.

They’ll have a dedicated online team space to keep in touch throughout the year and share their ideas, and they’ll be involved in at least one other exciting Teenage Cancer Trust project which could include: 

  • feeding into our recruitment process to make sure we hire the best candidates for our life-changing work
  • working with our corporate team to consider partners who might be interested in supporting us
  • shaping the future of our incredible Find Your Sense of Tumour programme


Our recruitment for 2018-19 is now complete, but you can register your interest to apply in 2019 by emailing  support4you@teenagecancertrust.org.