Wednesday 16th September 2015

Jamal, founder of the UK music and youth channel SB.TV, took time out of his busy schedule to speak to the young people and their parents.

It was his first visit to one of our units and the experience left a lasting impression on him. Seeing the work that we do and meeting the young people that are being helped everyday led Jamal to post a picture on his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook saying:

Just been to visit the Teenager Cancer Trust unit & met @jack_wells1992, spent some time with him & his dad, a bit different from the normal day but this is everyday for him. This man is a real dude. Dealing with what life has thrown at him head high. It puts things into perspective, some who have the most seem to be the biggest complainers, life's not the easiest for Jack & there's no complaints. It touched me when I heard his story & that his cancer is incurable but it made me think it could've easily been me sitting there. Instead of being depressed about it he's making sure every moment with his daughter is the greatest moment in her life so she can remember him that way & making sure he engages with his passions everyday, Motorsport being a big one. Nothing but respect & I hope to link up with him again. Don't look at what you don't have with envious eyes but what you do have with grateful eyes. Big up all of the great work #TeenagerCancerTrust are doing.