Thursday 20th November 2014


She met with traders, spoke with clients on the phone, clinched a few deals and posed for photos. Over £52,000 was raised for Teenage Cancer Trust from the trading day.

She was accompanied by Anie, who is 19 and was diagnosed with leukaemia 3 years ago. She was treated on the Teenage Cancer Trust unit at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Anie said:

I just wanted to say thanks for the amazing opportunity to promote Teenage Cancer Trust and everything the charity has done and continues to do. When I was told I was going to be treated on a Teenage Cancer Trust unit it didn’t mean much to me, but when I woke up from surgery I was in a bright colourful room, and there was a space next to my bed for my iPod so I could listen to my own music. Things suddenly didn’t seem so bad, and it was then that I understood why the Teenage Cancer Trust unit was so special.