Kate Collins, Chief Executive 

"Teenage Cancer Trust is a force to be reckoned with. Everyone puts the needs of the young people we serve first when making decisions about what we should or shouldn’t do. That makes an enormous difference."

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Dr Louise Soanes, Director of Services 

It’s a privilege to work at Teenage Cancer Trust; to be part of the pioneering organisation in young people’s cancer care that continues to challenge the status quo, partner with others and cocreate with young people to improve experiences and outcome is truly unique.

Jill Long, Director of Finance and Strategic Performance 

"At Teenage Cancer Trust, we are always striving to do the best for young people with cancer. If we can do anything to make it any easier for these courageous young people, then that makes every day worthwhile."

Karen Turnbull, Director of People 

"After my first staff day I was blown away by the brilliance and passion for the charity of so many of our staff, all in one room! I felt proud to work for Teenage Cancer Trust and that feeling has never left me."

Liz Tait, Director of Fundraising 

"Our supporters enable Teenage Cancer Trust to make an incredible difference to young people with cancer and their families, and if we are to do more for them over the years to come we will need to grow and develop the support we receive, so I feel really lucky to lead our fundraising efforts and be part of this amazing charity at such an exciting time."

Paul Brown, Director of Marketing & Communications 

"We need to make sure that every young person with cancer is aware we exist and knows that we are in their corner. Teenage Cancer Trust plays a crucial role in people’s lives at the toughest of times, so I feel really privileged to be part of this amazing charity."