My career

After some interesting jobs here and abroad after university, I trained to become a Chartered Accountant with a firm specialising in the not for profit sector, where I progressed to audit manager, before leaving to have my family.

A few years later, I re-engaged with Teenage Cancer Trust at a fundraising event (I had previously acted as their audit manager) and started to provide accountancy support for the charity in 2001. Since then Teenage Cancer Trust, and my role within it, has grown beyond recognition. I became Director of Finance in 2008 and now lead on Finance, IT and Risk.

In my early career I worked with a range of not for profit organisations as well as corporates and really enjoyed the range of challenges that charities face. My professional training provided the knowledge and expertise to ensure that Teenage Cancer Trust’s reporting systems meet the needs of our Trustees, staff and supporters.

My role

My job is to make sure that Teenage Cancer Trust remains financially safe and secure both now and in the future.

As a mum of three teenage children, I see first-hand how difficult growing up in the twenty first century can be. Having cancer at this age is so much more complex than at other times in life due to the unique social, physical and emotional challenges that young people face. Teenage Cancer Trust understands this and provides the support and environment that each young person needs to make sure that their treatment is as effective as possible.

Teenage Cancer Trust and me

Teenage Cancer Trust is unique, inspiring, dedicated, focussed and a great place to work. I have lots of proud memories, but one of the best is from springtime this year. In March after an amazingly successful set of Teenage Cancer Trust shows at the Royal Albert Hall, monthly income was over £1million greater than it had ever been before. I remember being really emotional when we told our staff. Little did I know then what was about to happen as a result of Stephen Sutton’s fundraising campaign.

When I was a teenager I was sporty, shy, a bit of a swot and always dreaming of where I would like to travel. When I was travelling I wanted to lead overland trips to all corners of the world in four wheel drive trucks. I eventually decided that I’d just emigrate to Australia and to do that I had to be either a waitress, hairdresser or accountant. And the rest, as they say, is history!