My Career

I started off my career in sales and marketing working in the private sector at Granada. After 6 years I moved across to their personnel team for a further 5 years. I joined the charity sector as Head of Human Resources at Whizz Kidz, a fantastic experience. I moved to the Zoological Society of London for 5 years in a senior HR role, then moved to Centrepoint for 3 years as Director of HR.

I arrived at Teenage Cancer Trust in 2011 initially as an interim while the department structure was under review, and was offered the permanent role of Director of HR. During my time here I have concentrated on putting in place a robust HR structure, and have introduced a focus on training and development, introducing our first management skills qualification programme.

My Role

My role is to create an environment to attract, engage, develop, and retain the best people, ensuring they are managed and directed in the most effective way. My sales and marketing background helps me keep a commercial business focus, and I have years of experience in HR and learning and development.

If I had to pick just one stand-out memory then it would be the first staff day I attended, shortly after I joined. I was blown away by the brilliance and passion for the charity of so many of our staff, all in one room! I felt proud to work for Teenage Cancer Trust and that feeling has never left me.

Teenage Cancer Trust and me

I am proud that Teenage Cancer Trust saw that young people were not getting the treatment they deserved and did something about it. I am proud that we are still doing something about it and that we do not accept anything less than the best support available, for all young people with cancer.

I am also proud of the staff who work for us, their tireless efforts to do their jobs to the best of their ability, so that we can offer the best support to young people with cancer at the heart of our charity.

When I was young I thought I would end up working with animals as I have always been fascinated by them. As a teenager I was relaxed and fun-loving. I loved to dance. What happened?!