My career

I’m Managing Consultant of Meant Ltd, a company that works within the public, third and academic sectors to bring about change through strategic planning, organisational and personal development, user involvement and capital schemes.

I’m a Clinical Tutor at Warwick Medical School (University of Warwick) and, amongst other affiliations, am a Fellow of both the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI) and Institute of Leadership and Management (FInstLM). I’m also a Non Executive Director at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

I’ve worked with Teenage Cancer Trust to support thinking on their strategy and at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust. In 2008 I 'ran' the Great North Run for Teenage Cancer Trust.

My role

I became a trustee because I had worked with the charity while I was Chief Officer at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, and knew how fantastic it was.

I like everything about being a trustee, and my area of expertise is project management. It’s great to be able to bask in the reflected glory of a group of uniquely talented and committed people. It’s also very important to cry occasionally, to keep the tear ducts working, and I’ve always found staff days very effective in that regard.

I think most people assume trustees get paid or, at least, are able to recover expenses. We’re not. It’s totally pro bono and that’s what makes it special.

Teenage Cancer Trust and me

When I was young, I was always in a rush. I was desperate to save the world and find the perfect partner, much like every other teenager in fact. The best thing about being a teenager is that you’re old enough to be left alone but young enough not to have too much responsibility. I never really wanted to grow up, and have continued to fight against it!

My stand-out memories as part of the Teenage Cancer Trust team are inspiring staff days, without doubt. The fun bits are the 10 minutes before and 5 minutes after Trustee meetings (the 2 hours in between, less so.) The most challenging thing is thinking like a teenager. It’s hard for me but must be nigh on impossible for the other Trustees ...

Teenage Cancer Trust does so much more than it says on the tin. As a teenager I was 18 months in hospital, over a 2 year period, and 6 years dependent on a wheelchair. I know how important environment, peer support and specialist care is if you’re unwell at that age, and Teenage Cancer Trust delivers on what really matters.