My career

I’m Group Chief Administrative Officer and a Senior Managing Director of Nomura Holdings Inc., a global investment bank. This means I have responsibility for a broad range of executive functions and play a central coordinating role across all Nomura’s support functions. I am also Chief Executive Officer for Nomura Bank International.

Before joining Nomura in 1998, I spent 13 years in a variety of finance, risk management and treasury roles at UBS and Citigroup. I have a degree in Accounting and Finance and have been a member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants since 1985. I am also on the Board of Directors of The Nomura Charitable Trust and London First, an influential business membership organisation.

I led on Nomura’s award winning partnership with Teenage Cancer Trust, a two year fundraising campaign which raised £1m for the charity. I participated in multiple events throughout the two years, including The Nomura Three Peaks Challenge.

My role

I became a trustee of Teenage Cancer Trust because I was so inspired by the work of the charity and the leadership team that I wanted to do more than just fundraise. The organisation was growing significantly, so I felt I could also bring my experiences of helping businesses expand.

One of the best things about being a trustee is working with passionate people who are dedicated to making a real and lasting difference to young people who have been affected by cancer. Although most people focus on the governance and oversight aspects of being a trustee, people don’t know how much fun you can have and how rewarding and inspiring the experience can be.

I think my strengths are that I’m an all-rounder and team player. My 25 years business experience allows me to relate to the issues the charity’s leadership team is facing as Teenage Cancer Trust grows.

Teenage Cancer Trust and me

As a teenager I was exactly everything I tell my own children not to be - don’t be so lazy, don’t be so rude, don’t be so untidy, don’t play too much sport, spend more time on your homework and so on. I wanted to be an accountant when I grew up, believe it or not! It’s hard to appreciate at the time, but the best thing about being a teenager is freedom, flexibility, plenty of life options - and long school holidays, of course.

I have many brilliant memories from my time at Teenage Cancer Trust, like handing over a rather large £1,000,000 cheque to fund the University College Hospital unit in London and celebrating this milestone at an Oscars themed quiz night with celebrity supporter Gabby Logan. Other times were more challenging, like participating in the Three Peaks challenge for Teenage Cancer Trust, especially having to share a tiny mini bus overnight with 12 exhausted and somewhat smelly work colleagues!

So much of the work is inspiring, for example seeing young people tell their remarkable story onstage at the Royal Albert Hall shows. My first ever visit to a Teenage Cancer Trust unit was very memorable - the individuals I met there continue to inspire me today.