My Career

A business woman, with over 30 years experience, mainly in Diamonds. After being CEO of De Beers Diamond Trading Company, I moved into a plural career, involving being Non Executive Director on FTSE company, a Mentor to C Suit Executives (with Merryck & Co.) and Advisor for the Diamond industry across the supply chain, ranging from producing countries Governments to Retail.

My Role

Being a teenager presents its own challenges and cancer makes it very tough. The ability to make patients feel at ease and recover in a friendlier environment, with other youngsters around, I believe is very important and I would like to help with achieving that for every young adult with cancer in the UK.

The charity members I met so far, are so passionate about what we do and we’re blessed with a great management team, under Siobhan’s leadership, and a fantastic board of trustees, under David’s leadership. This gives us such a head start in making a difference to these young people’s lives. 

Teenage Cancer Trust and me

It’s an amazing organisation to be working with, hitting well above its weight and making a real difference in the lives of teenagers and young adults.

It’s a truly unique charity which provides extraordinary support for very special people.