Thursday 9th July 2020


Teenage Cancer Trust Award Winner Nicky PettittAs a nurse leader, Nicky has seen the positive impact clinical representation has had on the charity, saying that it has shone a light on the reality young people with cancer face and created a stronger partnership between the frontline and charity HQ. Opportunities for learning around leadership, both formal and informal, that have been created and supported by the charity have been very exciting for Nicky who has personally been able to grow and develop in her role from it. She’s been able to then professionally go on to support and develop others in turn. Nicky has seen the positive impact that dedicated clinical leadership has had on the service, driving service developments nationally and contributing to the evidence base academically.

Looking back at the last six months, Nicky has been struck by the resilience of young people who have been so courageous in face of adversity. The same too, is said for funded staff who have been doing amazing things despite changes in working conditions and any personal impact felt by the pandemic. Nicky says it has brought out the best in people and despite the challenges, they’ve been able to keep young people at the heart of everything. This is why this award is dedicated to each of them.

Nicky Pettitt said:

"It’s incredibly flattering to be nominated for an award but as a leader, you are an enabler of others and you support those around you to grow and develop. It’s the amazing work that each nurse and youth support coordinator contribute to the service that deserves to be recognised, particularly in recent months as Coronavirus filtered through into every corner of life.

"My colleagues have been courageous and so very resilient. Yet despite the personal battles and changes in working conditions, they are doing amazing things and adapting to ensure young people continue to be at the heart of everything we do.  The contributions all my colleagues both in the NHS and internally at the charity have, and continue to make, contribute to a legacy of team work which is what this nomination signifies. This nomination is dedicated to the outstanding contribution that each of my colleagues, locally, regionally and nationally has made to the young people currently in our care, or who will need it in the future."