I'm #StillMe

Cancer can really change your image. And when you’re young, that’s especially tough to deal with. But you’re still you. We’re here to help you remember that. Find out more ›

HPV - we need morejabs for lads

Some types of HPV can cause cancer. We're calling on the NHS to make sure HPV vaccinations are available for all boys who are currently missing out on these potentially life-saving injections. Join our campaign ›


Coronavirus restrictions mean some young people are being told they have cancer, or facing days of treatment, alone. Help make sure all young people have a hand to hold when they need it most. Read more ›

#NotOK: A cancerand mental healthcampaign

Right now, many young people are facing cancer without the mental health support they need. That’s not OK. You can help us change it. Join our campaign ›