"I had a lump for about three and a half years. In February 2017 I had surgery to remove a large section of my leg to ensure they got all of the cancer. There’s no better way to describe it than to say it looked like a shark bite.

"I didn’t wear shorts for a good year. It does take a mental impact on you as well when you need to continuously explain to people 'this is what I’ve been through'.

"I didn’t look at my scar for a good year afterwards until I got my tattoo [on the same leg], which kind of changed everything. I’m a massive Batman fan… it has the silhouette of Gotham city and the spotlight, but instead of the bat symbol it says, 'There’s light at the end'. It gives me confidence to look at my scar and it takes the edge off it.

"Lisa, Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, has been amazing. She is the best person you could meet in that situation as she is so upbeat and really nice. She sits and listens to your problems without judging.

"When I was diagnosed, it was horrendous. I was scared that it was my time to go, but my son Lucas was three at the time and I knew I had to fight it for him. My main objective was to see him grow up, so my wee boy kept me going.

"You’re still the same person inside. Don’t bottle it up – speak to somebody, there is help available for you. Don’t feel that you’re on your own, cause you’re definitely not."

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