Cancer can change the way your body looks, works and feels – and that can change the way you feel about yourself. But remember, cancer might change how you look, but it won’t change who you are.

We support young people to feel good about their body image in a number of ways:

Our specialist nurses

They're trained to understand what it’s like to have cancer when you’re young. They give the support as well as the care young people need when they’re going through treatment and experiencing changes to their bodies.

Our Youth Support Coordinators

They're there to support you and make the hospital ward a less scary place. They often talk with young people about their worries about body image, and can also arrange a session with Look Good, Feel Better.

Our Way Forward event for young people after treatment

These include talks about body image and confidence from Changing Faces.

Our Find Your Sense of Tumour (FYSOT) event

The event brings together young people from around the country after their cancer treatment has finished. It’s a weekend filled with socialising, talks and workshops on subjects including body image and self-esteem.

Giving young people information

Our Young Person’s Guide to Cancer was created with young people to provide information on everything they wished they’d known when they were diagnosed, including how treatment might change your body and what can help.