The overarching aims of the programme are to raise awareness and encourage young people to take responsibility for their health and make positive lifestyle decisions. We deliver this through:

A 45-60 minute presentation, usually delivered to year groups

This is presented in an engaging and positive way.  It is suitable for year 10 and above (key stage 4) and S2 or above for Scotland. Our education team will work with you to make booking and hosting a presentation an easy process and ensure that it is tailored to the needs of your educational setting. The presentation introduces cancer in a sensitive way and builds on existing knowledge. This is done through:

  • Explaining what cancer is, who it can affect and the main warning signs.
  • Outlining the main types of treatment. The more we understand the better equipped we are for coping when it does happen to someone we know.
  • Discussing the wider impact of cancer, not just for the person going through it but their family and friends. Often this is where students have experienced cancer.
  • Encouraging students to become the expert of their own body through understanding how healthy lifestyle choices can reduce their risk of cancer later on in life and encouraging them to feel confident in speaking to health professionals.

“A boy who has been worried about a testicular lump for the last two years has decided to tell his mum because he listened to your talk and decided to act on your advice.”

-Candy, Teacher

The presentation provides invaluable guidance for students and contributes towards a broad and balanced curriculum. It has curriculum links beyond PSHE and health and social care. Our Education Presentations encourage thought-provoking discussion around topics such as illness, supporting friends and family with illness and healthy living. They cover many elements of SMSC through the presentation and associated lesson plans.

Online resources

  • Sun Safety - We’ve created exciting and easy to use resources so that you can teach sun safety in schools. We’ve got lesson plans, presentations, worksheets and a film. As well as this, we’ve got some leaflets and a selection of posters that you can order for FREE!
  • What is cancer – We’ve created two lesson plans to help look at what cancer is (endorsed by PSHE association as part of our Action Week campaign in 2014)
  • Education drama ‘Other People’ - A poignant, educational, funny and factual 35 minute drama that follows Laura’s cancer journey.  Providing a first-hand look at how other people react to her situation.  Designed to enable teachers to tackle topics relevant to their students, using the film as a stimulus.

 Thank you so much for making me realise how real it is, but also how cancer isn't a 'bad' word, or something to whisper about.

Cathy, college student