This form is for young people who have/had cancer and would like Mates Matter. If you're a family member (aged 13-18) of a young person who has/had cancer, then please complete this form instead.

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Teenage Cancer Trust know that your mates matter, so we want to make sure your friends know what cancer is and how it can affect young people through our Mates Matter programme.

You know your friends better than anyone, so we work with you to deliver Mates Matter to your year group to make sure they get the right information.

A member of our Education and Awareness Team works with you to understand the things that are important to you and that you would like your friends and whole year group to know. These topics are then included in our 'Understanding Cancer Presentation' which our Education and Awareness Team member delivers in school, to your whole year group.

To be part of Mates Matter, simply complete our form below and a member of the Education and Awareness Team will get in touch with you.

Tell us about yourself
For example, do you have a teaching assistant at school or are you dyslexic?
Are you at the beginning, middle or end?
If you're not being treated on a Teenage Cancer Trust unit please tell us who your Clinical Nurse Specialist is