Wednesday 15th April 2015

Whoever forms a government after the election, we'll continue to work with all political parties and to seek their support for our election priorities – we want to make sure that every young person with cancer has access to the best care and support, and to reach our goal of educating all young people across the UK about the signs of cancer. 

Here are some key pledges from many of the political party manifestos, but if you want to find out more you can read all the documents on the party websites. 


We are very proud that Labour’s 2015 Health Manifesto includes a pledge to ensure our education programme is made available to all schools in England. Cancer kills more young people than any other disease and is the most feared disease in the UK. As a nation we must do more to prevent cancer and break down barriers to seeking help when there are cancer warning signs. This is one of our general election calls, and we urgently call on all other political parties to support us in our goal of educating a whole generation about the signs of cancer, and for it to be made available across the whole of the UK. 

Labour are also committing to training and supporting GPs to spot the early signs of cancer, to joining up healthcare services from home to hospital, and to recruiting more GPs and nurses. 


We welcome the commitment in the Conservative Manifesto to support research into new treatments for rare diseases and cancers.  This is one of our general election calls, and whoever is in government after 7 May must ensure that research into teenage and young adult cancers is increased, and that young people have the opportunity to participate in this research. 

The Conservatives are also committing to increased access to GPs, to work with charities and others to deliver the new NHS cancer strategy, and to work towards improving cancer survival rates. 

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrat Manifesto includes commitments to set ambitious goals for cancer outcomes, including for earlier diagnosis and into survivorship.  They are also committing to continued support for public awareness campaigns for cancer, and to introduce compulsory PSHE education in schools. 

The Green Party

The Green Manifesto includes commitments to introduce compulsory PSHE education in schools, to work with charities and others to provide good patient care, and to increase public spending on research. 


The UKIP Manifesto includes commitments to recruiting more GPs and nurses, to review legislation that impacts on medical research, and to move towards joined up health and social care.