Friday 19th October 2018

On Thursday 15 November, we're showcasing our Education & Awareness presentations for Members of Parliament. 

Our talks encourage students across the UK to Talk Teenage Cancer and become more aware of the main warning signs of cancer in teenagers and young adults. Our Education & Awareness team empower students to become the experts of their own bodies and take responsibility for their health, giving them the confidence to speak to a doctor. 

We believe cancer education must be a key part of this so every young person has access to this vital information. 

We've invited every MP in the UK to visit one of our four education presentations at Portcullis House. These will be shorter, 20 minute versions of our full talks, designed to show MPs the importance of making cancer education a key part of statutory health education in schools. 


Your voice is vital in encouraging your MP to attend.

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You can also email your MP to explain why you believe cancer education is so important. Your stories are powerful and can really help convince your MP to attend our talks. If you aren't sure who your MP is, you can find out and email them directly through WriteToThem. 

We know our presentations work. 93% of students said the talk increased their knowledge and understanding of cancer warning signs, while over two thirds felt more confident about talking to a doctor. However, we're currently only able to reach 25% of students across the UK, which needs to change.

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