Thursday 26th May 2016

Read on to hear what's been going on, and don't forget you can always get in touch with us to find out more.

Devolved election results

On 5 May Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland voted to elect their new Government representatives. After days and weeks of negotiations there's now a clearer picture of which party is in power where across the UK.  In Scotland, the SNP returned to Government with a reduced majority, as did the Labour Party in Wales, while in Northern Ireland the DUP’s Arlene Foster has been returned as First Minister. 

We’ll continue to work with political parties across the UK to build awareness and support for our policy priorities.  We believe that every young person, wherever they live, should have access to the best expert care and support – before, during and after a cancer diagnosis. Find out how we work across the devolved nations and get in touch to discuss what we’re doing near you.

NHS England’s Cancer Implementation Plan

NHS England published their Implementation Plan for the England Cancer Strategy on 12 May. The Strategy was launched in July last year, and included some great commitments on key issues that matter to young people with cancer. 

We were encouraged to see NHS England publish this plan and begin to set out the part they’ll be playing in delivering the Strategy’s recommendations.  But we want to see more done sooner to make a difference to young people with cancer across the pathway – from action on prevention and early diagnosis, to the best expert care and support while in treatment, increased access to clinical trials, and provision of age-appropriate care after treatment. 

We’ll continue to work with NHS England, Public Health England and others to keep teenagers and young adults at the forefront of cancer policy.

Queen’s Speech

On 18 May the Queen oversaw the State Opening of Parliament, delivering her 65th Queen’s Speech in the House of Lords.  The Speech introduced a range of legislation that the Government will seek to put in place over the next 12 months, including some that we’ll be following particularly closely.  These include the Education for All Bill, which may impact on how schools are structured and governed, so we’ll be keeping an eye on what this could mean for health education in schools and our Education and Awareness Programme.  And keep an eye on this blog for more exciting updates on our Education and Awareness Programme over the next month too!