Friday 27th May 2016

The Lancet Oncology journal has announced today that "variations in survival between age groups are due to a number of factors including: delays in diagnosis and treatment, a lack of treatment guidelines and clinical trials specifically for teenagers and young adults, as well as differences in the biology of some cancers."

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This research goes behind the headlines, which at first glance can paint a picture that cancer survival in young people is improving, but the detail shows again that it's teenagers and young adults who are faring worst, not just in the UK but across Europe.

Teenage Cancer Trust exists to provide specialist services for these young people and help bridge the gaps they experience. We know young people with cancer persistently experience delays in diagnosis, are not all being referred to specialist teams and do not have the same access to clinical trials that children have; all of which impacts their chances of survival. These are issues which Teenage Cancer Trust has championed to see improvements at a national level across the UK.

We are very pleased to see that the new Cancer Strategy for  England has committed to increase clinical trials access for young people to 50% and we look forward to this being implemented. The specialist services, expert staff and Education and Awareness programmes funded by Teenage Cancer Trust are critical to addressing the disadvantages young people face.

We work with partners across Europe and internationally and will be welcoming the international community to our Global Congress in Edinburgh in December to discuss these issues and find solutions.