Thursday 21st April 2016

The UK context

There's a mixed picture of Governments across the UK just now, with different political parties in power in each country. And importantly for us, health and education policy are devolved.  This means that each part of the UK has its own budget and substantial powers to design their own systems and set their own rules. 

A range of parties have put forward candidates for the devolved elections. You can find out more about each party's pledges by reading their manifestos and visiting their websites. 

Our priorities

Whoever holds the power in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after 5 May, we'll continue to work with all political parties to gain support for our election priorities. We want to make sure that every young person with cancer has access to the best care and support, wherever they live, and to reach our goal of educating all young people across the UK about the signs of cancer. 

What would you like to see the newly formed Governments do for young people with cancer in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? Send us an email Get in touch


The next 5 years are a real opportunity for Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs) to make an impact on the lives of young people with cancer.  2016 has already seen the publication of the national cancer strategy, and a specific cancer plan for children and young people. It's vital that the new Government continues to commit to funding, delivering and monitoring these plans so they can help more cancer patients more quickly. 


The Welsh cancer plan, Together for Health – Cancer Delivery Plan, will be reviewed once the new Welsh Assembly is in place. We want to see the new plan reflect the unique needs of young people with cancer throughout the pathway; from diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

Northern Ireland

We want to see the new Northern Ireland Assembly move forward with plans for a refreshed Cancer Service Framework that includes clear commitments to improving services and outcomes for young people with cancer. We'd also welcome a continued focus on increasing public awareness of cancer.