'I don’t see the point in measuring life in time anymore. I’d rather measure life in terms of making a difference'

"These are poignant words I’ve seen and repeated many times since joining Teenage Cancer Trust. The words of the legendary Stephen Sutton, who had top of his bucket list to raise £10k for our charity. Five years later and he has inspired almost £6 million to be raised and donated to help young people with cancer. Now that is one heck of a legacy.

"A legacy that has helped us as a charity to grow our services and increase our impact. Yet we must now build on Stephen’s legacy and our 30 years of experience of fighting for, developing and enhancing the young adult cancer specialism. We must do more to meet the needs of young people with cancer today. And, that’s where my job and the job of our energetic and experienced fundraising team comes in. To do more we need more money - it’s a simple equation - but not one necessarily easily realised. But that is the challenge, and an exciting one at that.

"And it’s this challenge that drew me to the doors of Teenage Cancer Trust. Just over a year ago I took a leap of faith. From the Battersea that I had loved for eight years, and its fundraising that had been my baby, to a new job. It was daunting and exciting in equal measure and the choice was driven by a belief that I could make more of a difference at a charity with a bit of a fundraising journey to go on.

There are not many times in your career when an opportunity presents itself to join a brilliant charity, with a clearly defined brand, where there are some great building blocks in place, but equally a moment in time to redefine the way in which a charity fundraises.

"Not to mention our dynamic CEO Kate Collins, with a fundraising background, who inherently understands the opportunities and the challenges of the fundraising landscape.

"We already have a dedicated team of fantastic fundraisers and, after a lot of hard graft, we now have an ambitious fundraising strategy in place. We have clearly defined priorities and will be developing and introducing some super exciting new programmes and initiatives to engage the public, major philanthropists and organisations. We will also be holding onto our core strengths of relationship fundraising, building on our music heritage and developing our brilliant partnerships. And at the heart of that will be a commitment to supporting young people with cancer and their loved ones to find purpose, comfort and joy in fundraising at the most difficult of times.

"Next year is also the 30th anniversary year of Teenage Cancer Trust. And although I think it’s fair to say that anniversary years aren’t always that interesting in the charity world, all I can say about ours for now is we that have big plans and this anniversary is going to be a lot of fun, so watch this space! Or…be a part of it….

"If you’re thinking about a new role which will be equally challenging and rewarding - and you have an unrivalled passion and energy for fundraising - do take a look at these career defining senior fundraising roles. And if these aren’t quite right for you please keep an eye out over the months ahead for other opportunities that will be coming up. We would love you to consider joining our team of legendary fundraisers."

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