Crucial exams, first jobs, first loves and making those friends that last a lifetime – all interrupted. When you’re young, cancer can throw your life into chaos. 

And even if you get through it, life isn’t necessarily simple once treatment ends. Often, it’s only then that you get the chance to pause and process the enormity of what you’ve been through. 

Our specialised nurses and support staff are there to help, right through treatment and beyond. We support young people to keep living their own lives as they recover and plan for their future. 

Lots of young people tell us that looking back and reflecting on their cancer experience is an important part of moving forward. So for this year’s World Cancer Day, we’ve been asking young people about their memories of being diagnosed, what they’ve learned through their experience, and what advice they’d share with others. 

What is World Cancer Day?

World Cancer Day is an international campaign taking place on 4 February each year and supported by cancer charities worldwide. It’s designed to raise awareness of cancer and inspire individuals, communities and governments to take action against the disease.