If you know someone with cancer, you’ll know that they might be at a higher risk of being really unwell if they catch coronavirus. And you’ll want to help keep them as safe as possible. 

If you live with a young person with cancer, there are important things you can do to help protect them. 

You may already have been doing things to help them during this time, like picking up food or prescriptions.

But it can feel confusing to know what you need to do right now, especially as the guidance is changing regularly, and it’s different for each country of the UK. 

It’s important to do your part and stay up to date, but remember to be kind to yourself, too. It can feel like the responsibility is all yours, and that can feel very difficult to carry. All anyone can do right now is their best to protect people who are vulnerable.

And if you’re ever worried or unsure about what you should be doing, have a chat with the young person you know, or their GP or clinical team if you’re also in touch with them.