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Resources to help with mental health, nutrition, exercise, staying creative and keeping busy and entertained. Read more ›

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Drugs, alcohol and cancer treatment

It’s important to be straight with your doctors and nurses if you smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs.

End of life care and bereavement: how our nurses support young people and their families

When cancer treatment doesn’t work, it’s natural that young people and their families will have a lot of questions about the future. Talking about dying and end of life care can be very hard. We spoke to one of our nurses, Marion, about how she supports people through the toughest times.

Bullet journal ideas

If you’ve never tried bullet journaling before, now might be a great time to start! Read on for bullet journal ideas, tips and templates to help you get started.

How to sleep better

Sleep is so important, but cancer can make it really difficult to get enough rest. Professor Jason Ellis explains what the sleep cycle is and how understanding it can help manage your fatigue, and shares tips on clearing your mind before bed, and how to sleep better.

Mental wellbeing, anxiety and isolation: young people’s top tips

Looking after our mental wellbeing is so important right now, and there are lots of small things you can do to help.

Useful links, apps and resources

Here’s a wide selection of resources to help you with things like mental health, nutrition, exercise, staying creative and keeping busy and entertained – especially during these difficult times when you might be self-isolating or shielding.