Nabeela: FYSOT allowed me to broaden my view of what a cancer patient is

Sun 3 Nov '19

When I had finished treatment, I was invited to attend FYSOT. I really wanted to but I felt nervous and I wasn't sure I was ready. But FYSOT was exactly what I needed and it's genuinely life-changing.

Young people with cancer are at risk of losing the ability to have children

Thu 24 Oct '19

Young people with cancer may need support to prevent future health problems that arise as a result of the condition. We’ve made recommendations to the Government around access to mental health support, improved diagnosis and access to fertility information and services. Our Deputy Director for Policy and Influencing Service Development Sasha Daly tells us more.

Bhavan: I am me with my scars

Wed 16 Oct '19

After having cancer and treatment for this, my body has changed. I have lots of scars from surgeries but I now also have stretch marks as a result of my weight gain and that’s okay!

Angel: It shouldn't have taken cancer to make me the person I am today

Fri 11 Oct '19

Hearing the words 'you have cancer' is something I never expected to hear in my lifetime. I always say it shouldn’t have taken cancer to make me the person I am today

How our Youth Support Coordinators support emotional wellbeing

Wed 9 Oct '19

Young people have a lot of pressures, and having cancer can only add to that, making difficult times feel overwhelming. Sarah and Linda, two Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinators, spoke to us ahead of World Mental Health Day about how they support young people's emotional wellbeing.

Caroline: The list of things we do for young people with cancer is endless, but ultimately we listen

Fri 4 Oct '19

As a Teenage Cancer Trust Youth Support Coordinator, there is one topic that I find myself discussing with young people pretty much every day and that is body image. In fact I’d say that over half of my conversations with young people every week are around issues relating to body image.

Dan: Cancer does not define me

Wed 2 Oct '19

Cancer leaves you feeling out of control in so many ways and even the little things, like eating healthy, help me to feel like I have some control over what is happening to my body.

Crystal: Cancer altered my appearance forever

Tue 1 Oct '19

In 2016, I had a rare facial bone cancer which altered my appearance forever. As a young teenage girl, when appearance meant everything, it was very damaging to my self-esteem and confidence.

Callum: Boys' hair falls out too

Tue 1 Oct '19

It was almost as if someone else had made the decision on my behalf that the effect chemo might have on my appearance wasn’t important to me and that, as a young man, I would have no issue with going bald!

The HPV vaccine is changing

Wed 28 Aug '19

I’m Ben Sundell, and I’m Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Teenage Cancer Trust. I’m going to talk about some of the important things to know about the HPV vaccine, and how it’s changing.