They’ll also work with doctors and other professionals to make sure you understand your options and feel informed about what’s happening to you. As well as giving nursing care, they’re there to support you and help you deal with having cancer. 

Sue Morgan MBE, Nurse Consultant 

"Lots of things inspire me, from seeing a junior nurse ‘getting’ what we do, to working with some amazing young people."

David Wright, Lead Nurse 

"I have been lucky to work with many inspiring young people - their attitude and approach is what makes the work worthwhile."

Jamie Cargill, Lead Nurse 

"It’s my responsibility to develop the best possible care for young people with cancer in the South West. I share specialist expertise whilst advocating and being a voice for young people’s needs within NHS organisations. " 

Karen Sherbourne, Lead Nurse 

"Young people need staff looking after them who are passionate about this age group and understand their needs."

Nicky Pettitt, Lead Nurse 

"Making a difference to young people’s experiences is what it’s all about – we can’t change the big things but we can make a difference with the smaller things."

Liz Watt, Lead Nurse 

"Teenage Cancer Trust makes a big difference to how young people cope and allows us to make a difficult situation a bit better."

Laura Elder, Lead Nurse 

"My role is to make sure that all young people across Merseyside and Cheshire have equal opportunities for access to the best possible, age appropriate cancer care."

Megan Willsher, Specialist Nurse 

"I have always worked with teenagers in my nursing career and really enjoy the challenges they bring, how positive they always are and how well they cope. "

Lorraine Beddard, Specialist Nurse 

"I feel inspired by knowing the difference this individualised support can make to young people and their network – that’s what they tell me!"

Grace Kent, Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Nurse Grace Kent, funded by Morgan Stanley and based at Southend Hospital, is on hand to provide age-appropriate advice, care and extra emotional support for those aged 16-24 who are receiving cancer treatment at Southend and the other hospitals which are part of Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust - Basildon and Broomfield.